Game crashed while trying to drive Rover that was connected to base. The savegame is now broken.

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  • Steam
  • WIN7
  • Mouse/Keyboard
  • older AMD CPU ; older NVIDIA GPU
  • MachineId:A4277DD74180027C8561E9A24196448F

I connected my Rover to my base for power transfer. When I tried to drive the rover away from base while it was still connected my game crashed. Because entering a vehicle creates a save my game was saved right at the moment of the crash. This completely bricked my Savegame of an 8 hour session :(

Every time i try to load the save now i get a crash.


So far i really enjoyed your game. I died a few times due to falling through textures while terraforming around my Astroneer but since death is somewhat inconsequential, apart from losing some resources, bugs didn't bother me much.

Keep up the great work guys :x




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I had a similar bug while playing together with a friend.

So I joined my to my friends game and we played a few hours without major problems. When we built a rover for the first time I tried to detach it from the base by clicking on the connection between rover and the vehicle-bay. but instead of removing the connection, clicking on it added another connection which was only attached to the rover though. The other end was just laying around. When my friend drove the rover away to try to make the connections disappear the connections were still there. So we tried to reload the game but when my mate did so the game crashed so we weren't able to use this save at all anymore. Unfortunately i don't have any Screen shots of what happened there.

Hope you can imagine what I'm trying to describe xD

But I'm really happy about the patches you already published and I'm very excited for what is coming in the future

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