Could be a memory leak perhaps?

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I know that players are often quick to point a finger at a memory leak as a cause of framerate issues, but I also know that many new games in early development suffer from memory leaks.  I'm not saying Astroneer has one necessarily, but the behavior I'm seeing is fairly typical of a memory leak.  Basically, loading a game and playing for a good hour or so shows stable fps in the 40~50 range, regardless of number of tethers (thanks to the recent patch) or other objects, but then, without warning the fps drops to the 15~20 area.  Doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing either... walking, standing, picking something up, altering terrain, whatever.  If I save the game, exit to desktop, then reload the game and go right back in to where I left off, fps is right back up to the 40~50 range again for another hour or so.  It's not related to tethers because the last couple of times this fps dropped happened, I was exploring a part of the planet that had zero tethers laid down.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.  Maybe it's not a memory leak, but it is consistent if nothing else.


i7-6700K // GTX 1070 (376.33 driver) // 16GB DDR4 // SSD // 2560x1440 res // Win 7

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