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So I was going to suggest a garage, but see in the forums that the Dev's suggest to get creative with the terrain tool.  So let me try to suggest this another way as I think the Dev's are missing the spirit of what we are asking for.  We would like a safe place to park vehicles.  It can be a garage, or maybe just a parking Pad of some kind.   I've lost several vehicles, one of which was half buried when I returned to the planet, and wound up falling through the terrain.  Creating a cave to park them in is not the answer, as I have had a couple of caves collapse so to speak, and the vehicles are gone.  

Suggestion:   Would it be possible to make a Parking spot that would save your vehicle?   Thinking about this from a game memory point of view, would it be easier on the game to not have to remember where vehicles are?    I'm thinking something like Borderlands, where you have a pad, or garage and after you build a vehicle  you can hit a button and your vehicle will roll out, and be ready.  I do think in order for this to fit the game, that you would have to park the vehicle and not expect the game to generate new ones just because you didn't feel like driving it over.  At least it might get rid of some of these vehicles that seem to disappear. 

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