[Steam] Can socket items into geysers.

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I was moving a storage unit and accidentally slotted it into a geyser near my base on Terran's moon.  It grows in size as shown below.  You can still store items on it (they grow as well, and shrink when removed).  It doesn't seem that you can unslot the storage unit from the geyser afterward.  I was able to slot a solar panel into another geyser, as well as a hydrazine canister into the small geyser on the side of the large one.  Just like the storage unit, it appears that once the item is slotted into the geyser, it cannot be removed.





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And totally harmless.  When I reloaded the save, the giant items were hovering in midair.  When I selected them, they shrunk back down to size.


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I think the larger geysers are scaled up versions of the "normal" sized ones on terran.

The shader is applying to subordinate/child/attached items or something, and making it huge (and pretty funny lookin'.)


There's a sync issue with this in multiplayer though, if a guest player sticks something on a geyser and gets this effect, the host will be unable to move the item.


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