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Better Oxygen/Limited Oxygen.

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I feel like oxygen in this game is too.. Easy I guess...

I think a redo on oxygen is needed.

First, you should drain oxygen slower then you do right now, about 50% slower I think. You should also not be able to find as many "free" oxygen sources on the planet. Meaning you should not be able to just run around a planet and be able to survive without a tether or oxygen tank for extremely long amounts of time with out dying. I do not want that to be completely removed really, I find it fun to be able to just run around with out being near a tether. But If you want to do that, you should have to have the proper equipment.

When you use tethers, the farther away you go from your base with them, the slower your oxygen will be re-filled till it will no longer be refilled at all. To prevent this from happening you would be able to make oxygen pumps at your base, they would consume a bit of power, and when you attach a tether to it, it will make it so the tethers will be able to supply you oxygen at larger ranges.

Oxygen should also not be free at your bases, it should be limited to a certain amount of minutes, 10 minutes when you touch down maybe. The habitat will produce a small amount of oxygen by its self, but only when it has power. This amount should not be enough to sustain you, it should only be enough to give you more time, maybe another 5-10 minutes of oxygen.

You should also be able to make large oxygen tanks at your base, which will store oxygen for you. This would mean when your off the grid and not consuming any oxygen there, any oxygen produced will be stored for you for the times when you need it most, or when your power goes out.

Then you should be able to make oxygen generators, which will make oxygen for you, but will require a lot more power. Should not be too costly, but should be expensive enough that you won't be able to build it in the first few minutes. The oxygen generator would provide you enough oxygen for about 2 people, who are using it full time, with a little bit excess, to allow for some storage.

Oxygen on the Rover, Truck, etc. Would be similar to the habitat, they will be able to produce oxygen, and have a small storage of it, but you won't be able to live off them.

That's it! For now at lest. I think that if this was added, or something like it. It would make the game more interesting and give it a bit more depth. Maybe have a different mode that has this disabled, so people who just want to have fun and explore, will be able to do that. Kinda like Subnautica has the Survival mode, and the Freedom mode.

Anyway, hope your all having a awesome day, and enjoying Astroneer.


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