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To the center of Terran we go

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I hope this is the right place to post my little adventure. If not lemme know so I don't make the same mistake in the future.

So I decided I needed to cross going to the center of terran off my bucket list. I decided to use a truck instead of tether lines. I just dug down in a circular pattern big enough for the truck and I to make our way down.

I brought with me: 12 resin,  a Truck with storage, full of storage. 2 aluminium (for a trade plat) 2 copper (for a fuel platform) 2 lvl 1 wind vanes, 1 lvl generator, 4 compound and a ton of organic for fuel and a handful of energy.  Also picked up quite a lot of coal on the way down.  I just started tossing organic into the hole next to my truck in an attempt to power myself all the way to the center. I felt like I was in a gumball machine with all the loose organic swimming around me. Not near enough organic to make it down. I probably went thru 30 organic or so. The australium kept hanging up my items as well. once I ran out of power it got really tedious and i killed myself and respawned at base. I then threw everything I could find down the gaping maw. I then slowly tethered my way all the way down to the bottom. Little did I know at the time I was only halfway there.  took prob a half hour or so just to quickly drop down ledge to ledge and hang tethers. (the circular patterns I used to dig created slight shelves which was great for making time, but which also hung up a lot of my items) I knew I hit the center when I could no longer tell which way was up. at that point everything got a lot more difficult due to i couldn't stay on the ground for long and i took damage just dropping a few feet. Got a full base built down there. I never got one breeze, no wind at all. No new power at all sadly down there. I was going to smooth and square the base but without a renewable supply of power I was doomed to run out eventually and lost interest. Not really that exciting but after 4 or 5 hours invested I thought I should at least share my hard work. Hope you find it interesting.  Not really worth it in my opinion but i can check this one off the list. 361420_20170401123614_1.thumb.png.17ca374f32a1cf3fad00f7088da2e065.png





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7 hours ago, Gus Skywatcher said:

Thanks for sharing, very interesting reading. Any thoughts on bringing power down there? About how many tethers do you estimate you needed? 

I probably went through 8 packs? i didnt count. I only tethered until I caught back up to my vehicle and then just used that instead of tethers. as far as bringing power. i don't know. I didn't get any wind at all. Maybe if you carved out a huge cavern it would produce some wind? i didn't try solar panels. Maybe if your hole down was wide enough and straight enough it would allow some photons to make it down there?  I mean if you wanted to sustain a base I guess u could always die and respawn and throw power items down the hole and then follow afterwards. I have heard rumors of a geothermal generator coming out  sometime in an update. Maybe that will address this problem. It got tedious and I can't really see me messing with that deep base again.

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On 4/9/2017 at 7:47 AM, DrivenWild said:

Wow, impressive. Was it hard trying to dig with the truck in your way?

Truck and the organic around it wasn't too bad. I was usually positioned underneath it most of the time and it just followed me down.

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