Environmental damage to base

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First off, love the game and this is the first time I'm motivated to really contribute to an alpha process. So much potential here.

Would like to see those fierce storms knock wind turbines or damage solar panels.  Would encourage trade offs between building walls using terraform tool to protect and reducing the amount of wind hitting the turbines or sunlight..  I.E. some might build a partially underground base but need to keep green energy collection above ground.

Upgrades may increase the strength/sturdiness of the devices.  This dove-tails into my other thought of drastically increasing research opportunities.  Research items run out far too quickly.

ideas for other modules/research:

communication/networking: create links with other bases with the module. allows monitoring of resources, energy, damage

GPS: late game device allows you to visualize your location and that of your beacons, bases. would need to launch satellites first.

farm: grow biologic units to be used in generators

space stations: collect energy, can build space ship by ferrying materials to it.. much greater range of exploration.

upgrades to terraforming/mining tool (change diameter /shape / reach)

upgrade material density.. 2 compounds now condensed into slot of one compound (could be upgraded backpack or something)

rope: could be made from biologics.  cave exploration.

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This could add potential gameplay. I believe this should maybe be an option when u start a new save, whether to allow damage to the things youve built or not.

Could be a good reason to build your base underground. 

As long as theres a repair tool that uses  common element, that can repair all things youve built,  i can support this.  However i dont think making the repairing of items in the game should be made to be too big of a pain in the butt though, it can detract from gameplay if its too difficult, especially for a game like this. I do enjoy the simple, yet complicated mechanics presented in this game 

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I agree, the core game is exploring, not mending fences... but if the environment is severe it creates a state of entropy of different rate.  perhaps the items still work, but not as well.  repair could be automated through tech research.. i.e. a repair module that will increase the health (same mechanic as power transfer?) and you need to feed it power and a few units  of compound for it to work.   if you protect your base well enough you don't need the module.   if you come back after a long time afield, then u just activate the module and wait for it to get everything connected to it back to functionality. 

whatever the solution, i think increasing interactivity with the environment will add depth to this space survival/exploration game. 

On the survival note, the game could scale difficulty by having better rewards for being able to safely venture into more hostile environments.. such as very hot planets (mineral rich planets closer to the sun like Mercury).

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