Feature Request Mega Thread ( ongoing, will be updated)

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1. Give us the option to choose where we spawn. I have a base and a spaceship on the same planet, and it always spawns me at the ship which is further away from my base ( i landed the ship on my starting planet, but also didnt want to make another vehicle spawner to make additional trucks or rovers. The ship always takes up the vehicle spawner. 

2. Let us put parts of our base on different elevations. I have built my base inside of a crater,and would like to put small outcroppings attached to my base at the top of the crater to collect sunlight, because it is very shady in the crater. Also, i think it would provide an added level of fidelity and creative options for base building. 

3. Multiplayer options need fleshing out:

 A)Need to have options to invite, join, or kick someone from your game.

 B) Would like option to view ping of people involved in the game

4. More hosting options. I would like to be able to add more than four players to my game if possible with my connection.(if this is an issue with your servers, please give us option to host our own servers, and toolset to do so)

6.Tons more to research. More planets. More galaxies. more variety in flora . More variety in terrain. Need like 20x more of everything. I dont want to run out of things to do in this game ( i realize its pre alpha, fine with that) 

7. Add Fauna ( but maybe , possibly make them useful, like for hauling, and or grazing on the grass for you so that you can collect fuel for your organic generator , also possible for transportation, and assisting in mining , etc, think ark, but around your game and mechanics)

8. Smaller vehicles, so that we could take them into a cave, with ease.

9. Jetpacks.(maybe have the thrusters be something u attach where your solar panels or wind turbines go on your backpack)

10. Eventual contact with intelligent alien races, with possible gameplay attached, or special research assignments attached.

11. Shock absorption shoes to increase likelihood of survival from falls, (but that could very easily be covered by jetpack. )

12. More character customization ( possibly goofy decals for front of astronauts helmets, like make it a huge eyeball inside the glass or something goofy like that)







Btw, Excellent game. I absolutely adore this game. Just make sure you guys keep adding tons and tons to it, because i want to spend as much time in this game as possible. Hopefully years.  :-) 

Also, optimizations please

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8. I find the rover small enough for cave exploration, but the rover don't really has enough slots to be suited deeper exploration.

a landing pad for spacecrafts would be nice

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My opinions (If I may):  

1. let us destroy anything we make/build (solar panels smelters etc.)

2. Personally I think there should be more compounds. I run out of them very quickly, as they are used a lot! Also caves are filled with copper and resins too much. Not much compound even though its rarity is 'common'.

3. More explanation would be Great. I had huge trouble finding out what the filter and the winch were for (and I still do not know!!)

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