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Based on a real planet called Gliese 1214b also dubbed as WaterWorld. 

WW.jpg.66c70087b2a7aa1ecf3ca78d13e6d2b1.jpg  Which is completely covered by water without terrestrial layer on the outside.

Depth and pressure system


Depth: In this part when falling to the water will reduce the oxygen of normal form as if the player has disconnected of its base reducing the oxygen of the backpack.

High depth and high pressure: In this part the oxygen of the backpack will be reduced double or triple the normal speed reducing the view to a dark tone by the high pressure .

Obviously when the bar reaches zero oxygen the player will die



So, how is it possible to place a base in the ocean with no earth in it?

Well here I have two ideas to place a base

) Manrine Platform 

Making them with resin or other objects to create them

58ced19d695e6_Plataformalvl1.jpg.154848aa00b42c0a00937de0f1f0df8e.jpg                    58ced1b9b2ac8_Plataformalvl3.jpg.aa1acef173ad236ce737a438adefc6e4.jpg


                                                    You start with this                                                                                                                                   And finally we come to this


2°)  Floating Habitat (this is my favorite) 

In this tipe of habitat we will have one floating in the water

       58cedcd29611e_entradadecapsula.jpg.beff12552bddda94510b77e6a5d0c7be.jpg                                                                                                             capsul.jpg.81fef3f0b79ba48cbdf548ff2c753382.jpg

Having a spectacular  entry into the planet                                              And finnaly be like this (Storage can be added to the floating Habitat as any ground base)



But how is it possible to be displacedif you can not walk or run? 

With diving suits

traje.jpg.7bf58e7ca13755827e44a4d0e96bb1b1.jpg Works as a complete replacement of the space suit for full movement in the water at the same speeds (walk and run)

It may also go underwater but will reduce oxygen with the depth and pressure system explained above.



Natural changes:


normal.jpg.b069cefaa1811fe22fedbd8209e8b936.jpg this I like more like a wink to the planet "Kamino" of the saga Star Wars, It also works as a warning of thunderstrom





This is more dangerous than the normal rain due to electrical lightning that if it falls on one of the base objects it could deactivate them for a few minutes and if it falls on the player it is death assured.





The submarines can go directly to the bottom of the ocean with load energy, like any terrestrial vehicle without having problems with the system of depth and pressure.

The submarine could implement the tools and storage that are implemented in the other vehicles (cars, trucks, space ships).

But that does not mean that you have a submarine and problem is resolved there will be rocks at the bottom of the planet that can clog your submarine and you will have to risk your life to use your Deform Tool to remove it (this may be optional)



What do you think of this idea?

Write in the comments if you have any doubts and if you want to implement another idea about this just write in the comments :D


subma lvl 1.jpg

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