[Patch 131] Solar Panels (small, big)

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i just noticed, retried, and  confirmed

now solar panels small or big ones do not work properly. when you create a small one and attack it to the backbag of the astroneer it does not work initially, it needs to be picked up and reattached, otherwise it will not transfer power.

same happens with the big one attached to a rover or truck. when the entire power is drained and the sun comes up again, the solar panel opens and the indicator shows working, but no power is transferred to the battery. you have to pick it up and reattache it to the vehicle. also sometimes when still power is available and the solar panel opens sometimes no power is transferred to the vehicles, so you drain the battery entirely or stop leave, pick it up and reattache it, before power is transferred to the vehicle. 


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I've encountered this too, but on my base modules, and with both Solar Panels (both sizes) and with Wind Vanes (both sizes). Like with Ljorius, I have to remove them from the modules and then put them back to get the power flowing again. Have noticed that when I have multiple power sources working but not providing power to modules and batteries, picking up one seems to get all the others working again, even before putting the one I'm holding back down again. Don't know if this issue also effects generators, as I don't tend to use them much once I've got a decent number of solar and wind power sources going.

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