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Project: Center of Moon

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super cool. I was hoping you would land on the other side of the moon. but I guess gravity doesn't work that way.

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I did it over 2 weeks, but if I did it on one session I would say 12 hours (It would drive me mad!!). Died a stupid amount of times. 

Yes the chair would be safer, but if you took the chair route, the center would a mass of floating chairs! I could bury a rover in the sides with the with the chair sticking out, so I wouldn't have a floating object in the way of my fall.

Thanks for watching!

One suggestion to the devs...

Can we have a HUD system that tells us when the fall velocity it too high to land. The number of times I died when I touched the sides moving dead slow is silly.

Sometimes after floating about in the centre the game allows me to land, but not all the time. I'm sure this has been mentioned.


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