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When I have a Solar (dish) connected to the front of a Rover and if I get too close to a connecting point where it previews a big blue transparent tube connecting points together, the Solar instantly falls off. It happens every time I get close enough to a connecting point.


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I would agree this is frustrating. This happens to me all the time as I drive through my base while deciding where I want to park my truck/rover to charge up. Attachments stuff constantly popping off either front or rear attachment points of either of them means I have to hunt them down and grab them either stashing them somewhere on base until next expedition or placing them on vehicle when there's enough space again. Yeah it's a pain. I'm not sure it's a "bug" per se though, more like something in need of refinement. After all, let's say we were looking at this from a more realistic point of view, you wouldn't be able to hook a power hose into the ports on a vehicle if there were already something else attached, right? But the falling off bit, that's inconvenient and should be looked at.

I'm sure the devs have in mind some way to fix this (but it may be some time, as it's not critical so to speak). One possibility is to not have the attachments come off until you're actually ready to hook up to a power line (by clicking on that blue holographic line to make it solid and begin transfer of power). But I would say in order to activate the power connection, you would need to remove the attachments yourself, or have the game pop them off at THAT time instead, in order to be able to connect to the base. I don't think it would look very realistic to have a power line moving THROUGH a solar panel, wind pane, etc. I hope the makes sense? But I agree, letting the player have some control over when and where those attachments come off in relation to charging and hooking up the vehicle would make much more sense and be much less frustrating. I'm sure the devs already have some working idea about what they want to do about this. I'm glad you posted it though because I'm sure there are many others who share the same frustrations. Thanks! :)

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