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Hey Systems Era and friends! The game is coming along great but I did want to make a recommendation about inventory, hopefully some of my fellow Astroneers could add to this!

It would be fantastic to have a "drop all" option on the inventory menu, maybe even just an arrow facing down. I say this because it would significantly increase efficiency when gathering resources in bulk as well as speed up time setting and organizing materials, reducing monotony. I would hope also that pack expansion options (perhaps through rare research) might become available soon. Chaining rovers with storage units works but can be challenging when traversing certain types of terrain (especially exotic!).

Just a few small tweaks I hope others might share interest in, I may find more along my explorations. Thanks team!

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I'd actually love to see more shortcut, possibly some other feature such as swapping inventory with storages, or autofilling item to vehicle, or even right click at smelter to automatically transfer all raw resource to it.

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