[New Beta] Free Oxygen from one Tether & Performance experience

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I tried out the new Beta patch and started a completely new savegame. After I landed on the planet, my FPS were quite good at almost 60 FPS. Then I built like 40 Tethers and saw my performance getting worse.

After 20 Tethers I had like 35-45 FPS, at the end with 40 Tethers my FPS went down to the old result before beta: 20 - 27. But I recognized that it goes back to 55 - 60 if I went far away enough so I do not saw them anymore. This was not the case before the Beta Patch. So this is an improvement. 

I built the Tethers far away from my base so they did not connect to it but still got Oxygen from them. This should be a Bug. 


My Specs are: GTX 960 4GB, AMD FX 6300, 8GB Ram, Windows 10, Steam version of the game.


P.S.: I did not modified any files from the Astroneer folder to get better Performance.

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