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Over time we accumulated a lot of suggestions and it's awesome to see that you guys have such an interest in Astroneer!
But there's one downside about that: A lot of people post their ideas but do not look at stickied threads nor consider that their idea may have been already suggested a hundreds times over (while the search function should be also considered, it's not perfect, but you can use Google for that). It's understandable, you want to share your idea and want to have it in-game. But ideas that are this common (or seem like things that shouldn't be missing in Astroneer) are usually already on the road map or have been listed in our community maintained list, so there's absolutely no need for you to suggest it again, in fact, from a moderation standpoint it creates nothing but clutter.

So in order to make it easier for the developers to note new suggestions and to make it easier for us moderators to keep the forum a clean and sorted place, please use the search function (or Google) to check if there's already a thread about your suggestion and, what's most important if you can't find a thread, look at the following places:

Astroneer's road map:

(A thanks to @Lithium for maintaining this list!)

Take a look at those 2 links before posting a suggestion!

PS: If you have multiple suggestions (and checked whether they're new or not), don't be afraid of creating one thread per suggestion. For several reasons it's rather impractical to dump all suggestions into a single thread, especially because of the title (e.g. "My suggestions"). This makes it harder to find them, to discuss them and harder to sort/moderate them. In the unlikely case that you happen to have about a dozen or more suggestions, I recommend (it's not a rule) to post 25% to 50% of them on different days (suddenly creating a relatively high amount of threads in a very short time frame would look like spam at the first glance).

Also a little extra that @Lithium created:




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