[W10 Store] Savegame will NOT save when over 16MB

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OK, so I lost it last night after spending an additional four hours on an existing game, closing the game after entering a habitat, only to come back a few minutes later and find my last dated save was four hours earlier... Now I've discovered why.

It's a nasty bug occurring on the Windows 10 Store release; I have the game on Steam as a native purchase (last December) and have not been able to replicate it on that platform. Here's how to reproduce on W10 Store release...

1) Start a game

2) Invest many hours into a game. Many. This is only to expand your game's data file using nuggets, terraforming data etc

3) When your savegame reaches a filesize of 16MB (found under %localappdata%\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks_***\SystemAppData\wgs\***GUID***\***GUID***\) it will no longer commit to disk, and after initialising a save ingame (by entering a Hab or seat) a new save with the current date and time should appear in the directory with a new GUID, replacing the old one.

This seeming hardcoded limit is absolute. I had a hunch it was a magical number and started doing incremental saves to approach the point of issue... 16,777,216 bytes.


I'm not sure if my LiveID is tied to the savegame file but I've attached it peradventure it assists with resolution. Whether this is a Microsoft platform limitation for cloud saves remains to be seen but it has certainly driven my current game into a wall. This one attached is just shy of the limit and will save correctly if all you do is re-enter the hab. Else, mine a whole bunch of Organic or something and then retry.




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Just a quick note that the game (or W10) does not tell you that the save has failed, and you'll only discover this after reloading your previous save from the menu.

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1 hour ago, Captain Howdy said:

I've been harping on this for about a month and I just want to know what is being done about this.

This issue was previously resolved - see the original post date of 2017. It's become a problem again as of around 1.1 and the devs are very much aware that Microsoft players are greatly impacted.

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That sure explains why searches turn up so much conversation about the topic, from 2017. It also explains all the great communication I've had from SES saying they've turned my saves over to their engineers instead of just saying, "It's a known issue, this is the root cause, this is what we are doing, here's a timeline...." Etc.

You fine folks from the Discord seem to be the only ones willing to discuss it and also, sounds like none are too pleased with you for doing so.

Right impression or wrong, I still very much appreciate your input and I hope my frustration is understandable. Thanks for the reply.

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