Strange behaviour while connecting to friend's world

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I'm playing Astroneer with 2 friends of mine and every time we try to connect to each other's world we will end being stucked at the initial loading screen, but the host of the world can "see" us in the space, with our player marker. But we can't make it through the connecting phase, we cannot even reach the main menu.

On the other hand, if someone makes a brand new world, one of us, mostly, rarely the two of us, can connect to the host and make it to the planet.


I don't know if this issue has been discussed or fixed somehow, but we tried everything in order to play all toghether. We thought it was a port-forwarding-related issue, but we couldn't find any informations about any specific ports.


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Ive had up to four players  (myself included) in a host game. As you keep building and exploring the frame drops a lot on the host end.

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