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The invert Y gamepad has been broken since the first update you did on the game, and still not working.

i can only play games with invert Y stearing so this bothers me even more than the flying cars we see, that still happens.

When you activate invert Y controls in options, then the stearing, looking up and down works as it should but. When you equip your deformer tool then it stops working as invert and goes back to normal. If you Press LT when using tool then suddently it works as invert.

If you Enter your inventory then it also stops working. And if you Press LT to aim and pick up items, then it is also broken.

so in short.

Invert controls

*looking up/down works fine when Nothing equiped.

*equiping tool breaks invert controls. But if you Press and hold LT then it works again.

*using your backpack inventory also breaks the invert stearing. And the same does when you press LT to aim and pick up items.

This was the best way i could explain this sorry im not english.

But plz fix this as fast as you can. I really wanna help you out and finding bugs but i just can't play this game if the invert controls dont work sorry..

Thx in advance.

PS still see flying space cars, and planets that looks like sliced Apples. You know that i am sure, but still ;)

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