Change Respawn location after death

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Can the respawn location be changed to your last save location instead of the last spaceship location?  This game is about exploration and it is counter intuitive to spend hours going out and exploring a planet only to die and go pack to your start location.  I love playing this game but it's kind of a buzz kill when that happens.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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I think that would take a lot out of the challenge aspect of the game. With that kind of system in place you could just drive a single rover completely down in a cave and keep saving in it, only to abandon it in there when you're done because it's just a few compound. As it is now you have to plan for your trip and tether in somewhere to survive, if you die you are back at base and need to get back in there to get your stuff.

Also, none of the planets are that big honestly, if you die on the surface it's pretty easy to get back to your stuff. Last night I died super far from base on Radiated and I was able to run back to my body/truck without any tethers, just a single nugget/cluster of oxygen.

tldr; Plan ahead, have ways to get back to your body, be it another backup vehicle, oxygen stocked up and be careful. :)

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Well, maybe the whole saving system needs be be changed as well then.  Also, the planets are pretty huge and only exploring the surface gets boring pretty fast.  You can only plan ahead so far and be careful so much.  I just think this is something that should be looked at. :)

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