Truck flew away after getting stuck


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Steam version, kb/mouse controls.

While driving the truck (physics are waaaay too bouncy) I got it stuck on a rock. Unable to maneuver my way off, I exited the vehicle and attempted to raise the terrain under it. Instead of lifting the vehicle, only the wheels moved, and to a point where they were through the chassis and storage on the back. At that point, the truck jumped into the air and started to fly away. I chased it for a bit, but it disappeared after a few seconds of flying. I reloaded the save hoping it would take me back to when I got in the truck before it was stuck, but it saved exactly where I was when i exited to the menu.

Also, several times before the vehicle would hit a bump, eject my character, and then keep driving. I had to chase it several times while it drove on a wheelie for long distances with no driver.

For reference, the truck was built with a 1-seat, solar panel, and the storage bay with four storage units connected. It was carrying 32 slots of compound when it blasted off...


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