Flying drone (cargo/transport)

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--Cargo drone
Heaving the ability to craft a drone station that can deploy a cargo drone (unmanned) that you can remotly call with an inventory item and when it arrive you can unload your backpack and send it back to home.

--Recovery drone
The ability to remotly call a recovery drone that you can call and transoprt you back to the base.

--Unmanned Explorer
A drone that looks for a specifik kind of resource and drop beacons on it, you may need to manually load the beacons on the drone and when you activate the drone you can select the kind of resource.

For exaple you launch an explorer drone with 4 beacons on it's back  asking it to looks for reserchable items.

-- Manned exporer
A menned drone that you can fly (pilot) to look around
This may require an additional station or may only be controlled inside the habitat

All the drones may be crafted on a dedicated stations that act as a docking station to recharghe/refuel the drone, may require Hydrazine/power to work.
One station for one drone

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