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I  think there should be some sort of floating orb that you have to obtain. Then you go up to your vehicle bay and make a hover bike(also if you get 2 orbs you can make a bigger hover bike).

I think this hover bike should be able to hover other them so annoying rocks what you just randomly drive into then flip over.

And i think the icon for it in the sky should be a bike so you know if your going to you bike or not.

I also think you should be able to make small thrusters that can only be attached to the bike.

Also i think they should be able to go on a shuttle.


I hope you amazing developers see and hopefully try to put these into the game(but add more stuff for these hover bikes)  

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Hey it's a great idea but unfortunately someone else has already posted about this. Make sure you check this pinned thread

Before posting to make sure you are not duplicating another thread. Thanks.

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