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This game is really fun in single player, but is incredibly enjoyable in multiplayer. In fact, I think multiplayer is the best part about this game right now. I know there are a few other posts with multiplayer bugs, but I thought I would create this one to have a summary of the ones I've experienced.

Generally, joining a match is hit and miss on Steam.

It seems that most things work fine for the person who is hosting the game, but the person who has joined the game has many bugs such as respawning underground after death, not able to see the trade ship after it returns to the platform (visible if you walk far enough away so that the trade platform has to reload when you approach again), not able to select the desired trade item, not able to pick up resources that drop to the ground because you tried to collect them with a full backpack, spawning into the game and seeing the habitat floating in the air. The non host player also cannot see the outcome of research.

The game also crashes sometimes when trying to interact with the same object as the host.

These are the only ones I've experienced so far, but I will update this post as I come across more.


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I also run into the issue of alwys spawning underground from loading in. Right when the ship hits the ground, it doesnt even attempt to stop, like the floor is et too low for it.

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On cross platform Mac (Windows 10 Bootcamp) and Xbox One, I've also experienced not being able to see unmined materials. It doesn't appear on the screen, but can still be mined if terrain too is used on the area. Not a deal breaker though as host player can pick up and hand off.

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