I'm in the experimental branch and suddenly locked at <25 fps?

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Before a few days ago, I had been playing the experimental branch with no problem - 60fps almost constantly. Now, it doesn't get over 30. I don't know whether or not it has any connection to buying Sniper Elite 4, which also runs at a similar framerate (though I can see no reason why they would be connected). Is this simply a byproduct of using the experimental branch?



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Its hard to say for sure what cause the drop. I don't thinks its a result of any recent changes though. It could be if something spawned that you hadn't explored yet and now that it has, you are seeing the perf issue. A test you can do to test this theory is to start a new game on the experimental branch and see what what perf looks like then.

If you are seeing this in other games too, then this may indicate something recently changed in the system(e.g. driver update) that is the root cause. Note if you have a reboot pending due to Windows Update that can definitely impact perf.

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