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Disappearing Nugget from Storage

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During the experimental testing, i reported i bug. well the bug is a bug, but i found out what happened to the nugget and when it happens.

it happens on the truck with the large storage compartment and storage module. 

what is required, you have the seat on the truck and one storage compartment and one storage module on it. depending on the option you have active on the suit, for example a beacon and no compound in the suit stored in, in the moment you take a seat one compound nugget will disappear from the storage of the truck. but it does not really disappears it moves into the suit backback, but only if you have no compound in there and a building option active which requires a nugget of compound. this happens also with the other resources, for example a copper nugget and the empty slot from the suit, for building a generator etc.

it only happens, when the storage module is on the truck with the driver seat, attached trucks with storage and compound is not affected.

this bug is also present in the current build of the game




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