Vehicle Performance & Mechanics Improvements - Truck


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While building vehicles, the ability to make vehicle "trains" where multiple vehicles are linked in series became a very great idea, however their performance individually and collectively became impractical due to terrain maneuverability, speed, and mechanics. Often even driving solo, small rocks, boulders, and even tether lines will snag and stop the vehicle from progressing forward. These very frustrating, small, yet very common obstacles decrease the desire to build and utilize the great functionality anticipated with the "link up" feature as well. When hooking multiple trucks o vehicles together, it's extremely slowed and the lead vehicle behaves as if towing dead weight. Even in current day vehicles, it wold make sense to allow even the trail trucks to utilize on board power to carry their own weight, vice being slowed anchors for the lead vehicle.


I would recommend the following changes:

1.) Allow all linked vehicles to maintain their base tow/ drive performance, draining perhaps at 50% energy, to allow the lead vehicle to attach two PSU's and keep the train going for up to 5 carts without adding more power generators.

2.) Remove collisions while in vehicles. The expected result of a truck, especially with large wheels is to be able to manage a steep hill, and at a minimum rocks and tethers.. not getting stuck on trivial things.

3.) (bug) Multiple single seats on a truck, or truck chain causes it to perform very poorly.

4.) Energy drain for first vehicle is at 50%, second 75%, third, 82.5, fourth, 92%, fifth 100%. (halving efficiency from 50% on...) So in total you would have a lead truck and 5 trailers.



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