Sense of size and dimension of planets - approach

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I'm absolutely loving every aspect of this game, and like most of you I really think it has a lot of potential for future development. Anyway, if there's something I think that would make the game even more amazing it would be making the approach to planets last longer, so that way you'd actually feel that you're about to land on a huge planet. Even if it's Barren, which is quite smaller than Terran, it'd be cool to feel you're approaching a planet, so the trip last longer, and you could realise the dimensions and size of it. 

Same thing when you leave a planet, it'd be nice to watch as you go into orbit how you leave behind something huge. When you're at orbit, i would love to see planets with smaller polygons, because I think that would make them look more spherical and bigger. Your ship should look tiny related to the planet. 

Take, for example, this video from Star Citizen. Consider that I'm aware that they're two totally different games. But I think it sort of clarifies my point. If you look from 0:25 to 1:25 you can actually see what I'm talking about. Even if in Astroneer you're watching in 3rd person, the time it takes to approach and land in the planet makes you feel it's HUGE. (Video: 


This is just one of many other ideas I've thought about these days after playing HOURS and HOURS of Astroneer.

Hope to read what you guys think about it. 

One last thing: sorry about my grammar if there's something wrong. I'm chilean, so my native language is Spanish. But I'm trying to do my best to share and give my insights and ideas for the game.


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