Texture/Ground Generating/Loading Glich/Bug

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I am on the steam version using a mouse and keyboard, i was digging on the moon (barren) looking for a cave and i experienced a very strange bug, there was  a texture glitch and i was in a cave, but also not at the same time, i could see through the ground and collect researchables and i could see that i was in a cave through the ground but i could still dig as if i was underground, i jumped in the missing texture glitch and i flew up in the sky very far and didn't die. Watch the attached video for a better detail.

Sorry for the horrible frame rate, my PC is bad and i had some OBS settings wrong, also sorry for not trimming the video, i wanted to upload the raw footage so its more legit. 





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With this latest patch depending on the POV of my avatar, terrain is missing and appears as a hole in the ground. If I step into it, I either get stuck or fall to my death.

Missing terrain.jpg

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