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Can not craft with component from backpack

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Hey There,

1) What's the problem?

I cannot craft any component-based item from the backpack. Where there should be a blue-ologram of the component, there is not. There is only the blue ologram of the object that will be crafted. It is no longer possible to move component to his space in order to craft, nor would it go on his own.


2) When/How did that happen?

I need component to build a stack-utility for the vehicle, and I opened the backpack, the last component I had was in the very bottom slot, the one in use for the crafting. I manually took it and moved it on the vehicle crafting platform. Afterwards, I wanted to craft a small solar panel and to my surprise I noticed i could not.

Basically it's like I forced it from its place and now it won't recognize any more component to build from the backpack. I can no longer build any component-based things from my backpack, like theters, small solar panels, all that stuff.

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