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Hey guys, here I'm gonna talk about a few ideas on potential storms and other atmospheric events, as well as possible modules to combat them! I know that some of these have already been discussed at length, but I wanted to collect these concepts together and add some of my own ideas on the matter :) 


Solar flare events would be relatively rare overall, however their effects can be felt on all the planets at varying degrees, perhaps according to their distance from the sun. When they do occur however, they would be one of the most dangerous of the meteorological events. Picture the sky lighting up with bright auroras of green, pink, and blue, as strong winds begin to pick up. These winds should not be as powerful as the vanilla storm with debris flying about and the wind moving vehicles and inhibiting player movement - instead their danger should come from radiation. As is typical of geomagnetic storms, all vehicles or modules should stop working due to the interference even if they have power, and perhaps a couple could even malfunction and breakdown entirely. Additionally, if any GPS or map systems are implemented by that time, these would also fail. The greatest threat however will be the radiation poisoning which sets in soon after, forcing players to seek shelter underground to avoid the radioactive threat.



Imagine a massive cloud of pulsating light charging towards you from the horizon. As it engulfs your base, you can hear the static in the air as bolts of lighting randomly strike from all directions. The flashes and pulses of light turn your screen white, making navigation difficult, whilst a direct hit on the player is an instant death. If a module is hit, it temporarily stops working, but vehicles are safe because of the rubber tyres ;) These types of storms should occur on moist planets with enough of an atmosphere to generate such powerful supercells.


Similar to the geomagnetic storms, without the aurora and the damage to vehicles. Instead the air would have a slight yellowish tint about it and the surrounding objects and landscape appear to have a bit of a glow. Radiation poisoning sets in relatively quickly, forcing players to find shelter before dying from exposure. Only radioactive planets would suffer from this kind of storm.



As I discussed in another thread (see Molten Planet) some planets could harbour volcanoes, and these would erupt periodically. The air will turn black with soot and ash, as red hot boulders and flaming pyroclasts rain down from above. Every now and then, a random bolt of lightning will strike as a result of the static charge generated by the thick smoke, as is often seen in real eruptions. There could be a feature where oxygen is somehow inhibited by the thick smoke, but I haven't really figured out quite how that might work.




As has been mentioned a lot before, mineral rich meteors should totally be a thing, and if they could leave an impact crater that would be even cooler. The only bit I wanted to add is maybe having frozen asteroids as well as meteors, or even the wrecked remains of advanced alien crafts that hold special artifacts that are extremely hard to obtain otherwise!



1) Shelter Module - A heavy duty shelter module capable of whitstanding the toughest storms that can hold up to four players at a time.

2) Monitoring Station - A complex looking module with tall aerials and satellite dishes that can forecast dangerous weather events up to 60 seconds before a storm hits, giving you chance to buckle down or hide. It could even tell you useless but fun little facts, like wind velocity etc when you click on the module :) Once this module is created, it would be really cool if you could also create a small device (like the wind vein or small solar panel) that you can attach to your backpack or vehicle and would warn you of approaching dangers when you're out and about. If you want to make life harder you could make the module require a constant energy source, but that might be a bit overkill considering how dangerous the storms are haha :P 

3) Vehicle Dock - A module that creates a space for two terrestrial vehicles to be tethered down without risk of them moving. Given that every time I return to my homeworld I find all my vehicles have disappeared I figured this might be a pretty useful idea overall.

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4 hours ago, Lithium said:

These are such a great collection of example, I'd expect to see some EM storm or similar when it come to gas giants.

Thanks :D Are there plans for gas giants in the game? :o that would be siiiiiiick !!!!

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