The new wonders of the astroneer world

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If someone wants to post ur sculputure, feel free :D  (i know that needs some adjustments but here is soo far :/)

Heres my first sculputure :


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59 minutes ago, theSplntr said:

Cool, idk if this is what you were going for, but it looks like a giant hand coming out of the ground.

actually, this sculputure is a giant hand coming out of the ground Xb

btw, thanks

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They say if the middle finger is longer than your forefinger you're not a very smart person. ;)

Which is probably why you found a giant buried in the sand.

However for those of you with a longer middle finger, rest assured there is at least 2 good things for that.

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@Martin english is not my main language so idont know what is bannable, srry but i didnt get what u say, ''They say if the middle finger is longer than your forefinger you're not a very smart person'' but the middle finger is aways the longest finger and i didnt finded this giant burried hand, ive made this o.O

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12 hours ago, Martin said:

They say if the middle finger is longer than your forefinger you're not a very smart person


2 hours ago, Kotzuo said:

...but the middle finger is aways the longest finger...

What Martin was referring to is the 2D:4D ratio, which involves the index finger (2nd Digit / 2D), and the ring finger (4th Digit / 4D).  He said middle finger by mistake.

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Soo, i was expecting for some artist posting their sculputure but no one posted, soo here is some imagens that i found on steam community













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I can almost guaranteed 100% of these were created by PC players. Challenge issued for those playing on PC: if you have an Xbox controller around (that you perhaps use with your PC for occasional types of games) try using it to play Astroneer with on your PC. Then you will understand my comment, my pain, actually the pain for all Xbox users lol :P While the terrain tool has improved some for Xbox users IMHO since the last patch, it still is cumbersome and imprecise to use. The cursor often swings wildly, and the sensitivity of it varies from one extreme to the other from the beginning of a game (when the performance is running well so it feels like the tool is too sensitive) to some time later, say around 8-12 hrs of gameplay (at which point performance is taking a heavy hit, FPS is very poor, and the terrain tool is skipping all over the place and lagging behind controller input so badly it's extremely difficult if not impossible to use with any predictability or accuracy). It's maddening in later stages of a game. Anyway, I know one person on this forum said they did just that, they play on PC and hooked up their Xbox controller to it just to see how it managed, and were shocked just how terrible in comparison. I know it's pre-alpha, but I do wonder how much optimization can be done. My arthritic hands sure hope a lot more can be done but I know it will take some time, and it's never going to be as great a tool as a mouse. I knew Xbox controllers were definitely loosing out though when I watched the System Era stream about bug fixes, the one that came out several weeks before this latest patch, and saw one of them draw "Hi" with the terrain tool. I was like "OMG how did he do that!?" I could never draw something so straight and smooth, not with an Xbox controller, although things are a lot better like I said. But once the FPS issues set in (they're much better now, post-patch, but still it's a matter of playtime in a game and objects in a gameworld, that will crush it eventually), the terrain tool becomes less responsive, skips around, becomes hard to predict and control, and even at times just won't respond. I will be hitting it to do something like remove terrain and I'll see the game "register" by showing the tethers "pulse" as of I'm withdrawing "current" from my base which I'm hooked up to remotely (I'll be in a cave or out in a field whatever) but nothing will happen perhaps for 4-5 trigger pulls, only then will something happen like terrain will actually get removed. I'm sure this is some FPS issue, and also some discrepancy between the game state registering what I'm doing to the terrain which is completely separate to what it is sending out to me as "visuals" such as what I see the tether display (simulated current pulsing) and the like. There's no real dirt being removed, there's no real current being pulsed, and I'm not breathing real air anyway. Lol. Again, little details I'm sure will get fixed ultimately.

As to the images (artwork) it is amazing. I'm jealous, I love to do stuff like that, but alas, not gonna happen anytime soon on console at least not for me lol. I'm sure some can manage though :) Just a testament to the amazing creativy that exists in these forums. Please, continue! It's awesome to look at such wonders :) 

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