Your computer is good but you still have lag? I can help you!

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Hi! kZ here!

I've been looking at the community, reddit, youtube, looking for answers to: "Is my computer too good why do I have lag in this game?"

- I've found a way that can help you, if you use the Steam platform use the following steps:

1- Search for Astroneer in your game library.
2- Right click and go to properties.
3- When opening a screen you will see that there are some options right there in General, click "Set launch options"
4 - Now that it is open put "-nosound" (without the quotation marks)

Unfortunately the game will be muted, but will run out of lag.

In case you want to play with sound but without lag follow these options (Thanks reddit Jak2003 user):

1- Open any folder;
2- In the folder search place: %appdata%\local\astro\saved\config\windowsnoeditor\engine.ini
3. Press ENTER and it will open a notepad;
4- In this notepad there will be some notes, put the text that I'll put here in this notepad (Not to delete those words, just ignore them.)


R.DefaultFeature.MotionBlur = False
R.LightFunctionQuality = 0
R.ShadowQuality = 0
R.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades = 1
R.Shadow.MaxResolution = 512
R.Shadow.RadiusThreshold = 0.1
R.Shadow.DistanceScale = 0.6
R.Shadow.CSM.TransitionScale = 0
R.DistanceFieldShadowing = 0
R.DistanceFieldAO = 0
R.DepthOfFieldQuality = 0
R.RenderTargetPoolMin = 300
R.LensFlareQuality = 0
R.SceneColorFringeQuality = 0
R.EyeAdaptationQuality = 0
R.BloomQuality = 4
R.FastBlurThreshold = 0
R.Upscale.Quality = 1
R.TonemapperQuality = 0
R.LightShaftQuality = 0
R.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim = 24
R.RefractionQuality = 0
R.SSR.Quality = 0
R.SceneColorFormat = 3
R.TranslucencyVolumeBlur = 0
R.MaterialQualityLevel = 0
R.SSS.Scale = 0
R.SSS.SampleSet = 0
R.EmitterSpawnRateScale = 0.75

What exactly was done here?
We tweak the render settings of the game, simply to remove "useless" properties that cause lag.
Your game will now run out of lag and sound!

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