Drones for discovering and mapping / scanning the planet

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My idea is to implement some kind of drone with two movement modes.

The first mode a “follow-mode”, where the drone will follow the Astroneer and recording in this time the terrain an surface of the planet.

This kind of surface-scan will lead to a 3D-map, that the player can open as a kind of minimap for orientation or to chart up the planet basically. Also the tunnels or underground caves can be mapped as a small 3D model.

The second moving mode will send the drone with its limited energy (charged by base or Astroneer) to a point or range set by the player.

In this mode the drone will also record / scan the surface for the 3D-Map.

Also buildings, materials etc. can be mapped with this drone or special interest can be marked by the player for orientation.

It would also be possible, that the drone has one or two slots to improve performance (e.g. energy, solar panel, fuel) or to pick up material to transport it to base or to another player in range on the map.


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