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58 minutes ago, Frigidman said:

Any spammer worth their salt is not going to be using an application that can allow easy grabbing of a MAC address. Especially as they are spoofing their IP's, reverse checking isn't viable. Coupled with this is a base php forum package on a generic server, spending the time to do back end scripts to check every users connection in this manner is just a huge waste of time.


2 one line cli scripts to get the mac address.
ping <ip> ( $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']  in php )
apr -r

parse the result set for new mac addresses and assign to a user name.

If you can't ping them then you can block them (and or flag for extra scrutiny by a moderator) and if the mac address changes more than twice an hour you now know they are rotating mac addresses intentionally and you can ban their account outright 

once flagged block the user account associated with the mac address

2 hours of work once maybe a day if you want to get fancy and add a ui for the moderators to manage thresholds


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