Astroneer seizure and falling

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Several of my Astroneer maps have become unplayable. Using the deform tool, my Astroneer goes into a seizure, applying the tool for about 1.5 seconds (I timed it) then partially holstering it, then goes back to using the tool. This occurs cyclically as long as the tool is being used. Also, on maps where this occurs (and it is only on some worlds also), almost any use of the tool with this behavior will guarantee the player eventually falling through the map. My guess is that the Astroneer attempts to holster the tool because he is falling slightly, then this stops and he goes back to the previous task. I have also noticed that this tends to occur often using the orange player, very occasionally with the big player. The other two seem immune to this behavior, which is mysterious to me since I am guessing the code is all the same, just different skins.

Systems: PC version, Windows 10 fully updated, i5 2.2 GHz, 8 MB RAM, Intel HD Integrated Graphics 5500 with 128 MB dedicated

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