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Launched to oblivion, and truck jumping as if it's on crack.

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So i made two trucks, one for my friend, and one for me. The story is that we went into a cave, relatively big, and we tried to drive one of the trucks with a large storage thing on the back, and two seats into the cave. The conclusion of the horrid scenario was that whenever we drove into those spiky rocks standing out of the ground, the truck bounced around and kept driving away without us on-board.

Then when we came home we accidentally crashed the truck with a large storage thing into the other truck with nothing on it. For a while it looked like as if it was trying to mate with the other truck as a horse does with a mare, but the end result was my friend being thrown into the stratosphere within the blink of an eye. The truck with two seats and a large storage thing on was lost, and never seen again. 

Also there's the FPS lag, but god knows how many posts there's about that specific "technical difficulty". So i'm just deciding not to cover that as it's not really relevant. However it's annoying, and i'll keep my hands off this addictive game until it's been fixed. Good job devs. 


so far.


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