Various bugs encountered on Xbox one

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• starting having bad frame rate issues when I got to about 6 facilities in my base and the issues would persist in general area around base 

• if you build or add ground directly below you, you will fall through the ground and start an endless fall animation 

• having 20 to 25 resource bundles near player will cause frame rate issues 

• attaching a truck to another vehicle will cause major frame rate drops 

• getting out of a moving vehicle will lock you inside the vehicle model making you unable to move until you get in and out again 

•getting out vehicle on previously dug up ground causes frame rate drops or you fall through the ground 

•areas where you have dug up or added ground will cause frame rate drops when it is done on a larger scale 

• tethers will randomly disappear on the surface and underground 

•putting resources on backpack will cause the resource to rapidly attach and unattach making you unable to store item until it is dropped then picked up again 

•building shuttle with 2 seats makes it unusable with no way to take off a seat or be able to add a habitat module 

•grass will continue to grow on ground level from spot that had been previously dug out 

•large boulders in caves will freeze in mid air when dug around them 

•small crevices where ground was dug up then re added will cause you to fall through the floor if caught in the small open space 

All items previously listed happened on a tundra planet with an Xbox controller on Xbox one

• major frame rate drops occurred when leaving and getting into orbit and rotating the screen while in orbit via shuttle 

•low frame rates while on tropical planet from the moment you land the game seems to slow down a lot and the grass will pop in and out



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