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while playing some ideas came to my mind. (Maybe something i already read in this forum.)

- walls and gates to fortify the base a bit

- kind of a bulldozer to get a flat area for a nice base

- the ability to change bigger modules of the vehicles (like the storage, so the vehicles could be reused if they are misplanned while building)

- a heavier feeling of the truck, i think it jumps to much (if it depends on the gravity of the planet i'm more or less fine with it like it is now)

- "normal" steering-based controls for the vehicles

- a rail and piston system to build a big (modular sized) quarry to use the crane and the drill in an industrial way (rails for x and y directions and Pistons for z)

- the last point will be handy with a automatic resource movement between base-modules

If somethind else comes to my mind i'll keep track of it in this topic.

Best regards



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building an industrial conveyor sounds like a wonderful idea

it would work like tethers but deliver your materials from the cave back to your base, then you don't need to walk all the way back every time to drop stuff off.

perhaps it could be a tube rather than a rail, sort of like those mail delivery systems

and of course the resource for building them would be rarer than compound, maybe another use for resin?

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The walls would indeed be a great idea since my stuff keeps flying all over the place when a storm hits my base.

The bulldozer would help me out a lot since I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to digging out terrain.

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Yes, a tube system would be really nice, maybe as placeble objects and the connection system could look like (could be) the base connectors. (There was something like that in the dev's-Videos playing the game in multiplayer.)

Placeble flood lights (maybe different sizes with a higher range for the light) would be great. So there could be a light system without the tether-to-stuff-connections.

For the rail and piston system, for the quarry, i thought of the system of a gantry crane.

But also a train system could be fun to build and move resources with towards the landing pads to fly out the stuff from the planet. (With automatic loading and unloading. Kind of a narrow-gauge railway, but with possible higher transportrate than the tube system, or lower cost over long distances.)

  And bigger landing pads, if a company sends an Astroneer to get resources from a planet, they will have a high demand. (Maybe as a player motivation there could be requests and some rewards.)




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