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For those of you looking for an idea or two if they do add in a more challenging mode. (Current available game play would be considered something to the tune of "Explorer mode." No creative tools but no added difficulty management.)

There are some more odd Ideas that I have to go with this at the moment, but the starting idea would be that, as it stands right now, bases produce Oxygen just on their own. In this new mode. (As it stands until I can think of a more creative name, "Survival Mode") Bases no longer produce oxygen, but you can build either (if Implemented first) a farm area that produces oxygen, a new building area that produces oxygen (To the cost of two Organics, to give them more use) or you are given the option to convert organics into oxygen for a steep but fair cost. It'd make organics useful (As right now, they're only being burned en-mass as small generator fuel.)

Equally, I'd love to hear ideas on a "Survival" or difficult game mode for people looking for a challenge. (Something like: Harsher weather, more active/violent plant life. Less resources around spawn area.) Let me know what you think.

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Does moving to another planet count as a survival challenge, Dev planned for each planet to have their own Hellish challenge such as Toxic air, Radioactive Poisoning, Frigid Coldness, Hostile Aliens, Heatwave, and much more

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