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Hello System Era,

I love how ASTRONEER is coming out and i got some new ideas to share with you guys.

First Of all, Its navigation, Add signboard system.

Suppose if we have Multiple Tether line connected to the main base and going in different directions

And they are going pretty far that we cannot see the end.

it would be difficult to know where they are going.

So, i request you to add a SignBoard system so that we (player) can Place them down on the ground wherever they want and know where

the tether line is going basically and not only for tether lines but for many other useful stuffs.

I hope you guys found my idea useful and if you then please try to add it.

Thank You!

- TheSpaceGuy






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13 hours ago, Lithium said:

Since astroneer is set in 25th century, I'd be sure that we would get a holographic projector type of sign5898982310a47_panels.jpg.47edac1321bf795669f92d3c10788576.jpg

Yeah! That would be great! by the old signboard pic i meant to say that something like that and you made it perfectly accurate!

Holograms would be Awesome!

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