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New Base Upgrades : (3) Resin!

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This could be a new rare research called Base Upgrade 3.

With this third base upgrade, you will be able to craft much larger stuff. Such as a whole building, inustrial machines, or even industrial vehicles. 

Two of those new upgrades would be a the Industrial Printer and the Industrial Vehicle Bay (these would have to be researched as well).

Two of the vehicles the Industrial Vehicle Bay will let you craft is the Hauler and the Large Transporter.

The Hauler :

Crafted using 8 titanium.

The Hauler is 75% slower than other vehicles but it has incredible hauling power. It is 2-3 times larger than the Truck and it has 2X the slots. It has twice the amount of energy as well.

On the Hauler there will also be a new vehicle upgrade. (Also a rare research).This Upgrade is the Industrial Crane.

Now let me move on to the Industrial Printer in order to connect things up.

In the Industrial Printer, with new researchable recipes, you will be able to craft : The Magnet, The Indistrial Drill, The Vehicle Garage, Housed in Storage modules, Farming Modules, Industrial Water Tanks (this goes along with the water mechanic that I suggested previously which I forgot to mention regular water tanks), Large food silos etc.

In order to move these modules you will first have to craft the Magnet. With this you will be able to place it on the Industrial Crane.

Once you have crafted your Hauler with the Industrial Crane and your Magnet. You will have to craft the Large Transporter. This will also be crafted with (8) Titanium. 

Now that you have crafted everything and you have hooked up your Large Transporter to your Hauler, you will be able to pick up the modules you have crafted in the Industrial Printer, place them on the Large Transporter and transport them anywhere you want and place them in the world. 

With the Industrial Crane, you will also be able to transport your shuttle, your spaceship, your rovers, your hoverbikes (as previously mentioned) and even the modules of your main base.

In order to give variety to the recipes I will add a post in which I suggest new ores or materials that should be added.

-Thank you for lending your attention. (Please give feedback. Good? Bad? etc.)

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