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Hey everyone!

I've been playing this game a LOT since I got it yesterday with some friends and have noticed multiple bugs in my first few hours that I wanted to point out to help the game develop as it is one of the most exciting games on steam I have played in a long time. 

1.When playing with someone else as the guest, the trading pad will not accurately represent what it is you are trading for and the correct amount you will recieve. Sometimes you cannot even see the pad is there to be used again while the host can see it. It makes using the pads as a guest almost impossible, and we had to depend on the host doing all of the trading. 

2. When getting into a vehicle, sometimes it will appear I have not entered yet but will technically be driving, so the vehicle will appear to be driving empty and my character will be left behind.

3. Rover mysteriously shoots up and will not come back down when driving. This has led to us losing quite a bit of resources. We were able to see it from orbit but not able to get it down. 

4. When collecting resources, if you are full on resources and you collect more, the extra set (or node, or piece, don't know the term) of the resources cannot be picked up. Don't know if this is happening to anyone else but it was happening to us almost every time. Sometimes the other person, aka the one who didn't mine the resource, would be able to pick it up but it was not working every time. 

5. When walking on a flat surface it would do the animation or pose of sliding when in fact it should not be. 

6. Sandstorm blocks go through walls and come out of the ground. We tried to make a wall around our base to protect ourselves from sandstorms but that is pointless with the blocks just spawning in the ground or going through terrain that is above ground level.

7. People appear to be laying flat on their side and move along in this position. This we only saw from the guest's perspective, once when I hosted and once when my friend hosted. I don't know if that is the only time and situation this can happen in but that might help. 


The game is incredibly fun, we can't wait to see what else you guys have planned for it! Best of luck and good job so far!


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