119 - xbox - invisible rock stuck under truck

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119 - xbox - invisible rock stuck under truck

Was clearing rocks near my base by mining under them & letting them fall a few feet so they break up/disappear. As far as I recall, I did this to a rock that was under/near the truck. 

When I got in the truck to drive off, it wouldn't go forward, as if it were encountering a rock. I found that I could drive in reverse and side to side, similar to the behavior when you attempt to drive over a visible rock. 

No rock was visible under the truck. When I would get out of the truck, it would bounce up a foot like it does when you park on a rock.

I attempted to roll the truck into a ditch & dig under it, to no avail. 

Unfortunately I don't recall how I was able to get rid of the invisible rock, pre forum membership, but I was able to. 

Will see if I can repro

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