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Difficulty Settings aka Challenge Modes

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Hello everyone!

So here you are, you've played Astroneer and made bases on all the planets.... now what?


Being that this is an open sandbox of a world, finding ways to make it challenging can be a challenge.  So I found myself working to make the game harder for myself, just to see how far a different scenario could go, as to stretch gameplay out as much as possible.  While it may be tricky for the devs to add hardcoded rulesets, or a check box to turn modes on or off,  here are some of the rules I created for the 'fun of it' as I replayed through things.


1- The No Spelunking Rule.  If it's underground it's off limits.  Strip mining is allowed....

2- Scavengers Rule! - You are not allowed to smelt anything, you must make everything you need to get off planet from what you can scrounge.  Which means going to all the wrecks :)  To make it really challenging, limit yourself to only collecting 6 resin or less from the ground.  

3- The Angry Planet. - The planet is alive, when you dig, it tries to kill you with storms. Digging too much makes it hate you more... dig wisely.  Ok so there is not a mechanic to actually make the planet hate you, that we know of... so you will have to pretend a bit more. :)  You can't dig holes that a rover or yourself can get trapped in. Scavenging is recommended, killing plants is bad, taking 'fruit aka relics' from them is ok though. 

4- Solar Power Only - No coal and or no plant fueled power and no batteries.... If the Mars Rover can do it, so can you. This can be tricky on other planets.

5- No Trading! - Yeah, the Trade Platform is nice, too nice at times. Be the self-made Astroneer, don't rely on the free market.

 6- Recycle Everything. - You don't really need that truck when you have that shiny Rover do you? So turn that rover into a wagon for the truck to pull around, reusing the seat for the truck.  Those solar panels, batteries, tethers and wind turbine you made on your other base should be recycled too.

7- Spaceship, we don't need no stink'n spaceship.  - Ok you are ready to leave the starter planet, so fire up the shuttle and go.  Just you, your shuttle and the new habitat... nothing else. Basically, you restart from scratch but you still have all the blueprints to work from. 

8- Minimalism.  - Your backpack is your refuge, if you can make it via your backpack you ignore the recipe in the printer. So no printer solar cells, wind turbines, generators or printed batteries.  (Interestingly enough, backpack made batteries and solar panels work nicely on the flat storage panels.)

9- No Strings On Me! - You may not use tethers. This is a pain, and at times is unwinnable as you need either to have tons of resources, relics or wrecks with titanium near your pod at the start. Yet it can be done.

I am sure there are other ways to play on the planet, so feel free to add suggestions.



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