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This thread is no longer being maintained and will eventually be replaced by a new one. The majority of the information is still relevant, though.

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Or at least let us use the packager and then tossed it in the large shredder!


2 the small scrap like broken that tethers could be still added your backpack but cannot be bundled " for all small grid scrap

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I suggest This:

A creative mode. Please give option so ya don't go through full game first or something. I barely can get a printer to work. Oof on my part probably.

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8 hours ago, GameWarden782 said:

I suggest This:

A creative mode. Please give option so ya don't go through full game first or something. I barely can get a printer to work. Oof on my part probably.

Please do read before posting.
Creative mode is already listed here. And it's still on the roadmap too.

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On 2/19/2019 at 2:32 PM, lomogeek said:

I would like to suggest a type of mod (drill) or even a torch that would allow us to cut or dismantle items that are too large for even the largest shredder. 

I agree with the torch idea.  I can use one or even two of the gases of its operation or to manufacture.

My other request would be the ability to repackage a Shelter or at least be able to move it.  Mine is currently sitting a very odd angle to the ground.  So if I even get around to trying to establish a true flat around it things will look very funny.

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A temporary fix you can use a diamond drill head to eat up the soil under the shelter and then you can level the ground that way but yes it would be awesome if we could move the shelter

it would also be awesome if the power supply on the shelter was just as powerful as the one we can craft it seems weaker

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Hey @Lithium, we're post-1.0 and the OP here says it was last updated in 2017.  Can this summary thread either be updated to reflect the current most-requested features (so people stop re-posting them every other week), or I guess un-pin it?

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Posted (edited)

yes! is there an updated roadmap?

also, autorun! 

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Posted (edited)
On 1/31/2017 at 1:55 AM, Lithium said:


Hey, since there is a lot of traffic in the suggestion here, I'll do you guys a favor and make list for the most suggested Features and the one that has already been confirmed by the Developer. Let's keep this topic more organized, So please read this list before posting a thread here

Now Available!

Gallery of Feature, Fanart, and Fluffs related to Astroneer.

Link (Google Drive):


  • Reddish For the Most Wanted suggestion, Posting a red marked suggestion may result in your thread getting locked down
    • Ratio of 10-20 post per month, will be the red flag, further posting the same topic may result in said action
    • Between 3 to 10 post per month won't be flagged as red, but still listed in this post.
  • Sources used for planned features  come from within roadmap:
  • Asking for guns in the game will instantly get your thread locked
  • Last Updated: December 21, 2017

HIGH PRIORITY !!! (Most of these will be in-game by the end of Q1 2018)

  1. Research System
    • Encourage exploration to other planet
    • Adding skill curve into the game
    • Research Points
    • Ability to decide which to research first
    • Sense of progression
    • Resource-Based Terrain or Terrain-Based Resource
    • Chemistry
  2. Modularity
    • Vehicle built parts by parts
    • Modules are also built parts by parts
    • Bases are also gonna be built parts by parts
    • All above will be interchangeable, augment-able, and may provide many different functions
    • Thus allowing different complex structures
    • Includes a new type of printer (guessing it as the small printer)
  3. UI Update
    • Making the UI elements cleaner, more diegetic and provide more information
  4. Interaction Refractor
    • Improve the current controls for controller & keyboards
  5. Complex Encounter/Discoveries
    • Combines a lot of mechanics to make discoveries more exciting
    • More Aggressive Floras
      • And Faunas (but that's a far stretch)
    • Weather Systems & Complex Hazard
      • Temperature (Heat vs Cold)
      • Radiation Poisoning
      • Meteor Showers
      • Rains, I guess?
    • Black Box and other narrative element

MIEDIUM PRIORITY !! (Might be added after or alongside the High Priority Features, They're not working on it right now, but will have the feature ready by the end of Q2 2018)

  1. Terrain 2.0 (What is terrain 2.0?, well to simply explain it would be a feature that will substantially change the way planets generate within the game)
    • More Integrated Biomes
    • Better Caverns, Chasm, and Mountains
    • Variation to Terrain Density
    • Unique Resource Distribution
    • Larger Planets
    • Soil system
    • Special Tutorial Planet
  2. Crafting
    • Revisiting to the crafting system and recipes
    • Broaden the crafting progression
  3. Multiplayer Imrovement
    • Up to 8 player in a server
    • Dedicated server
  4. Online Presistence
    • Personal Online Profile
    • Dedicated Servers
    • Trading Between Player
    • Server Browsing
    • Player-Driven Economy
    • Public Multiplayer Servers
  5. Player Customization
    • Let Players choose and customize their appearance
    • Also customize the "mark they leave", Graffiti, Footstep, Modules, not sure what else
    • Unlockable Suits with different functionality
  6. More Features
    • World sized Puzzle
    • Linux Version

LOW PRIORITY ! (Will be added in-game farther into the future, Preferably by the end of Q3 2018)

  1. Automation
    • Allow modules to be programmed in a way for Large-scale, and High-cost projects
    • Conveyors, Sorting, Elevators, anything you'd expect from a large-scale mining 
  2. In-Game bug reporting mechanics
  3. More Features
    • OSX Version
    • New Planets
    • New Resources
    • New Vehicles
    • New Modules
    • New Augments
    • New Stuffs
    • Achievements

OTHER ROADMAP CONTENT (not sure whether they'll be added early or later into the game)

  • Modding
  • Decorations (static & interactible)
  • Farming System
    • Farms, Biodome, Seeds?
    • Not the one you gotta eat
      • wait? there might be the edible kind too?
        • dis 4 real guys?
  • More automation
  • Liquids on Planets
  • Faunas (agressive)
  • Player Home (Personal Space)
  • Cartography, Map-making, and all of it's sorts

NON-ESSENTIAL FEATURE (Doesn't make it to the Roadmap, but still have chances to be included)

  • Making it easier to drive trough rock
  • Geothermal Power
  • Custom Beacon Icons
  • Improvement on mechanics 
    • Improved Vehicle Driving
  • Sprint Toggle (Xbox Controller)
  • More Feature on the Augmentation
    • More compatibility to other modules
  • Constructing Large Module on top of a Vehicle
  • More resource types
    • Iron, Carbon, Astronium
  • Variation to the terrain tool and it's function
  • Local Splitscreen
    • 2 panel split screen
    • 4 panel split screen
  • Steam Workshop (User Generated Content)
  • Creative Mode
  • Improving Tutorial

CONFIRMED FREQUENT SUGGESTION, BUT NOT WORKED ON AT ALL (suggestion that will make into the game, but is in the lowest of all priority)

  • Breakable Base Module, most likely by storm
  • Power-ups and Consumables
  • Local Splitscreen
    • 2 panel split screen
    • 4 panel split screen
  • Manual Spaceship Flight
  • A Space Station
    • Building said station with wrecked part
  • Jetpacks
    • Consumes hydrazine to fly "Yes it's that specific"
  • Grappling Hook
  • Physical Liquid
    • Underwater Cavern
    • Ocean Planet
  • Save Editing
    • Duplicating
    • Naming

FREQUENTLY SUGGESTED (Suggested many times by user, Eitherway.. Unconfirmed by the devs)

  • ANIMALS "Yes everybody want's an alien lifeform to be added here; hostile, passive, and friendly, form packs and stuff"
  • Minimap, Gps, Satellite
    • More reliable means of navigation
  • Adding more survival elements
  • Not adding more survival elements
  • Fuel Condenser & Trading Post Nerf
  • More Research Options
    • Names for researched artifacts
    • Tech Tree/ Research Points
  • Large Habitat with interior and stuff
  • Recycling
  • Bigger Storage
    • Silo or other form of enclosed storage
    • Building vehicle storage on large platform, or just allow it to be built over without forcing you to put in other module
  • More Vehicle 
    • Astrobike/ Hoverbike
    • Giant Drill
    • Trains, and similar minecart/rail system
    • Hovercraft
    • Larger Vehicle 
    • Mech & Exosuits
  • Shape & Size options for terrain tool
  • Shields
  • Shortcut to move content of inventory between a storage and the player's backpack
  • More Planet types
    • Ocean Planet
    • Ice, Lava, and other biome specific planet
    • Gas Giants
  • Some better way to differentiate copper and aluminum
    • "Either make their color more contrast, or change one of it's model"
  • NPC, and Lore Items
  • Companion Creature
    • Drone (working and stuff)
    • Tames/pets, (dogs or apes or whatever companion animal suggested)
  • Mining Elevator
  • More & Bigger Power Sources
  • A plow of some sort for vehicles to push trough rocks
  • Modular Indoor and Enterable Habitat
  • Terrain Tools Option
    • Option for ramps with different angles (45º/90º)
  • HUD improvement
  • Weather Predicting Radar
  • Permanent Upgrades (inventory, oxygen)
  • Scheduled Update
  • Robot Astroneer that consumes power instead
  • Command Console (in-game debug mode/cheats)
  • World Generation option: Seed, Size, and Resource difficulty
  • An EXIT button
  • Space Diseases
  • Transporting POWER between bases
  • Wind turbine to generate power during sandstorm
  • First Person View
  • Landing Pads

ALREADY A FEATURE But suggested anyway

  • Sprinting "Press L3 if you're on xbox"
  • Road/Ramp Building
  • Increasing Terrain
  • Flattening Ground
  • Mining Vehicle (Crane and Drill)
  • Realistic Gravity, Physics, Solar System
  • Rare Resources unique to each planet types
  • Minigame/Puzzle
  • Garage "Dev suggested you to build it yourself using terrain tool"
  • Custom Keybinding (PC)
  • Removing Base Element and Vehicles (use dynamite)
  • Storm Shelter "Just get creative with your terrain too ffs"

Gallery of Feature Fluffs


BONUS (In case you somehow read this long thread this far)
Old Dumb Astroneer Fanfiction I used to make
Do note that this was made before I learned about Dialectic UI, so please do Understand.


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Posted (edited)

Sorry, clicked the wrong button in the forum, and it let me edit it. very odd. Anywho` I was giving props to this post!

The game Devs are Demigods of player driven content, IMO- keep it coming, I will keep updating! Wow so many player suggestions in that list, it is amazing to see! Oh and my apologies If I did anything wrong, I am a forum nub. lol I think I am clicking the right thing, and BOOM! J/K

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Exploration of Atrox.

Instead of being able to drive around the planet make the air toxic. Create a tether/ air filter that will clean the air for a short distance. Make it use a small amount of power so you really have to have your base building and power creation skills down to survive there.

These air filters do not "create" oxygen. they can carry air but the use power to filter out any bio-hazards at the same time. 

Essentially tethers' plus. Also they should have to be created by a small printer so you have to plan ahead better when exploring. 

the only difference in planets so far is aesthetic. 



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First off, love the latest update. Driving is no longer a pain in the butt and it actually feels more like I'm driving a road vehicle rather than flying a wingless brick without flight control surfaces. Now, I know general improvements to navigation is already on the list, but I didn't see anything more specific than that.

1 Beacons: If I'm being nice, I'd simply say I hardly ever use all. I'f I'm to be blunt, they're rarely useful beyond maybe marking a landing site for shuttle movement, but that's pretty much it. Given their issues with visibility, I wonder if it'd make sense to link them to the compass so they show up there as well, or even show a certain number of them if you make quite a few of them. Perhaps one of the color options could be to mark them on the compass. Without some other form of reference, beacons tend to disappear after driving for more than ten seconds in one direction. And let's not even talk about how much cloud cover is a curse for this. On a separate note, they do commonly seem to glitch out when traveling in a shuttle and will seem to orbit an empty space in open space rather than point at locations on their relevant planets. Just fyi.
2 Shuttles: While I'm on the subject of transportation, selecting landing sites with shuttles is often overly tedious and time consuming to me. Most of the time, I'm either waiting for the planet below me to orbit fully so I can even see the landing site I'm trying to select. Then, half the time the marker circles for landing sites don't even show up at all. Seems like that particular issue is somehow tied to terrain rendering as landing markers that are initially invisible remain that way until that side of the planet's terrain "pops in" better, which commonly happens just as the marker either is or is about to pass behind the visible horizon from the shuttle's perspective. Now, I know Astroneer is intentionally built with minimal UI in mind (love the way you guys handle inventory and storage), but I really think something like a landing site list on the left or right side of the screen could vastly improve this portion of the game. It's cool to see planet-to-planet movement like that, but it's equally frustrating at times.

One last thing, more of an observation but I noticed a minor stuttering at times that I haven't seen until this update. Seems to happen often around forested areas. It's likely on my end, but I did double check to make sure everything's up to date, reviewed logs and such, restarted, verified the game files through Steam, even tried a different save and various graphical settings. My system didn't otherwise seem to be taxed heavily enough for it to occur, but then again it's nothing NASA would love to use. Just wanted to report it in case I'm not the only one. Might just be time to finally get that solid state I've been meaning to get, eh?

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Maybe there could be a system link feature? Me and my friend both play on Xbox and have a copy, but we don't have internet. System link would be the perfect choice

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Posted (edited)

"Network hub mode"  that can work for all systems i.e. PC, PlayStation , X box  "Lan parties"

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