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Research pop-up display for server (host) only, or not at all.

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Co-op game. Steam. V119


  1. As a client of my friends game,  I initiate research
  2. I can see the holo-roulette play out
  3. No new research display/pop-up.
  4. Instead the host confirms via voice chat

Possible alt issue: New research from separate planet (me/client) to home planet (host) did not return new research (no pop-up shown). didn't check if new research had occurred (was late). Have not reproduced.


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I'm experimenting the same bug. Your 4 steps described prefectly what happened.

When I join my friend's game, I can't see the result of a research exept if it is a ressource (from a previously researched sphere or item).

I also have the same bug now on my own game. I did researche from new item and I can't see what I unlocked.


Good luck System Era team on fixing this. Keep on the good work, really enjoy your game !




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