Research and build a scanner to scan for resources

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Sometimes it is pretty tedious to search for a specific resource - especially subterranean. One idea to make this more easy is to implement a scanning device in the game. The recipe should be discovered by research and once discovered, you should be able to build it in/at the backpack. Once built, it should be attached to the backpack. The scan will also be triggered from the backpack menu. Scanning costs energy and it displays colored dots around the player (at the compass), showing where resource vains are located in the near area (~500-700 virtual meters). After some time, the dots dissappear, so that another scan is necessary.

A more simple solution to display scanning results is that resource nodes for a short amount of time display the standard beacon icon (coloured by the colour of the resource). Including that the beacon is above surface, even if the resource is subterranean. The area of display is limited to about ~500 m around the player. Other players can see the scan results, too. Energy costs for scanning should actually be pretty high (one full energy node).

In that way it's a small help, but not game-changing or "cheating".

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