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After an outlying area has been mined out, or I want to go in a different direction, I usually try to pick up my tethers as I leave so I can use them elsewhere. I encountered several problems when trying to do so:

  1. When I pick up a tether and click on myself, it will put the tether in the first fully empty backpack slot (even if there is a slot of tethers with space in it). Doing so again will put it in that same new slot, but it seems it should put any tether into the first slot that has other tethers in it, but still has room.
  2. If I continue to put tethers in my backpack in this way (click on tether, click on my astroneer without opening the backpack), it will fill up that one slot forever. Even when that slot is full of tethers. It never puts them in a new slot.
  3. If a tether is placed into a tether slot that is full, that tether simply disappears. It should either not be put in at all (with an appropriate error sound or something), or should automatically go into another available backpack slot.

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