Massive List of suggestions for Modules and Vehicle

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I have an Idea for a modules that makes upgrade for other modules. so The upgrade maker should be a size of printed object, but each building and vehicle can only have up 2 upgrades in it

TIER-2 (about the size of a research item, made in the printer)

  • Upgrade Module
    • Power Saver: Cut the power requirement of a building by 25% (Works on Ground Vehicle too but the effectiveness is cut in half)
    • Transistor: Speed up the charging speed of the building by 100% (Works on Ground Vehicle too)
    • Autopilot: When placed on a building, will activate it automatically if there is a sufficient amount of power, and the building has the require item
      • When placed on a Ground vehicle, It will follow the player and the vehicle that the player is driving, consumes extra power
  • Automator
    • Conveyor: Upgrades tether connected to into a conveyor that slowly move objects to it's inventory, then a nearby storage
    • Connector: Allow the contruction of an additional module, following the current rule this module will extend itself to build more
    • Sorter: Any item given to it's inventory will be launched to any nearby storage that have same content of the item, ex: If the sorter have a lithium, it will launch the lithium to a storage that also has lithium
    • Collector: Unlike sorter, this modules collects specific item from a storage and give it to a construction modules like the vehicle bay and the printer
  • Crane Tools
    • Painter: When attached to a Crane, this will allow the player to change the colour of the ground it touches (consumes biomaterial)
    • Constructor: When attached to a Crane, the crane can build terrain like the tool, but with higher size and accuracy and has preselected shapes available with it
    • Demolisher: Slowly Destroy any unwanted building
    • Magnet: Unlike winch this item doesn't require to be grappled first, and will collect any nearby item and small wreck from the ground
    • Saw: Cut down and destroy tree for a large amount of Organic material
    • Grinder: Clean up environmental object such as cubic rock, boulder, and plants without modifying the ground, also collects organic material from green plant
  • Defense
    • Laser Turret: A module that charges slowly but fires a fast and accurate array of damaging Laser ( also good at destroying sandstorm rubble )
    • Tesla Coil: A module that charges quickly, has a short range but damages everything in it's radius
    • Plasma Cannon: A module that charges slowly but fire a devastating AOE damage to enemies
    • Forcefield: Protect modules and player from sandstorm within a medium radius, but consumes alot of power
  • Vehicle
    • Hoverbike: Can switch between module and vehicle, small and reliable, but has a limited amount of power
    • Jetpack: Can switch between module and vehicle, Gives the player more freedom to movement, uses hydrazine instead of power
    • Nitro Booster: When placed on ground vehicle, this module will consume Hydrazine to give vehicle a short surge of speed
  • Basic Modules
    • Fuel Tank: Stores Extra fuel for spaceships for emergency or long exploration
    • Teleportation Pad: Teleport the player to synced pad around the planet
    • Wireless Charger: Recharge Nearby Vehicle and Battery without requiring it to be connected
    • Construction Pad: Unlike habitat's build pad, this one can be placed manually anywhere, and will connect to nearby build pad if in range
    • Oxygen Generator: Once oxygen become a finite resource, this item turn Ice block and water tank into oxygen
    • Pump: When planted on a resource spire this module will siphon it's generated resource and create it's respective resource
  • Items
    • Sapling: If planted on ground, will slowly grow into a tree
    • TNT: Unlike dynamite, this one explode in an even larger radius
    • Industrial Tether: Unlike normal tether this one is bigger, stronger, and has longer radius than a normal tether do
    • Enriched Uranium: Used to fuel the Nuclear Power Plant
    • Plutonium Rods: Used to fuel the Nuclear Power Plant

TIER-3 (Built on the construction pad, kinda like the printer itself)

  • Power
    • Solar Array: Collect power from sunlight 4 times as fast the solar panel
    • Windmill: Colect power from wind 4 times as fast as wind Turbine
    • Nuclear Power Plant: Generate Massive amount of power using Plutonium Rods or Enriched Uranium
    • Transformer: Store Massive amount of power, enough to keep 4 fuel condenser running at the same time
  • Doppler radar: Predict weathers, Different Types Sandstorm, Meteorological abnormality, and Astral anomally and transmit it to a Projected panel
  • Advanced Printer: Has access to advanced blueprint that requires up to 4 items to print
  • Recycler: Turn any non consumable Item and small wrecks into materials
  • Bio-Dome: Consumes Oxygen but generate organic material for the player
  • Silo: Store massive amount of items and material but is limited to only have the same item
  • Stargate: Large enough to teleport a rover and can also move the player between planets
  • Lading Pad: Spaceship and Shuttle will prioritize landing in here to free up some space for the vehicle bay, and it also has it's own fuel tank that automatically refuel 
  • Fortress: Include a giant minigun that kills any hostile creature that dared to get close to the base (can also be controlled manually)
  • Oxygen Condenser: Passively generate oxygen from the air around it, Unlike the fuel condenser this one is always active
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I would like to link @Pocobeastu suggestion, literally inspired me to create this thread

Any modules and vehicle types you guys want too add, just put it in the comment I want to hear your suggestion

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4 minutes ago, SimonTheAstroneer said:

i really like the ideas beside turrets. They seem a bit too agressive for Astroneer and also Adam said that he hoped that there was no weapons in the game. Great job on these ideas!

Yeah, I agreed that weapon seem too agressive for astroneer, It was supposed to defend the base and player from hazards like sandstorm and tumblespikes. I just go with it and said that it can protect the player from hostile animal too

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Due to incapability to edit, I'll be adding more stuff in this thread by using comments. In the other hand @Flaubert Made a great suggestion, You should check it out too

Tier-1 (fits inside your inventory)

  • Emergency condenser: When placed in widget slot, Generate 2 unit of hydrazine at an extremely slow rate (use only for emergency)
  • Flagpost: When planted, Extend into a pole that display player's personalized flag
  • Metal Detector: When placed on widget slot, beeping will increase in intensity the closer the player is to materials
  • Shield: Consumes lots of power, Protect player from physical hazard not intended to be used while digging
  • Grappling Hook: Deployed like tether, Will pull or suspend the player from a pointed location, has limited amount of uses


  • Miniature Modules
    • Portable Printer: Works exactly like the printer, but consumes more energy
    • Mini-Forge: Refine material but slower than the normal forge
  • Projector: Display what a building and modules would look like after it is built, useful for base planing
  • Borer: When deployed dig straight down until it hit a cave, or ran out of power (will also get destroyed once it's deployed)
  • Power Cables: Deployable, Tether connected from it will give out no oxygen but has higher light radius
  • Bowl Radar: Unlike doppler, this satelite only predict hazardous events
  • Tractor Beam: Works just like the winch and magnet, but one grabs living creature such as the astroneer and wild creatures
  • Searchlight: Turret, automatically target a creature and light's it up allowing giving visual awareness during the night
  • Pump: Generate water/ice when deployed on sea or water well


  • Decorator: Prints decoration item that serves no purpose, ex: statues, vending machine, marbles
  • Garage: Store individual land vehicles to protect it from hazards, Also enable customizing it's color, tires, chassis, shape, and more
    • For spacecraft, use the landing pad instead
  • Tailor: Customize player's color, suits, and other cosmetic modifier
  • Bio-Enhancer: Upgrade the player passively but demands specific research item, Once researched, the abilities can be ticked on and off anytime
    • Heavy Exoskeleton: Allow player to survive one more hit from storm rubble, and reduce damage from falling
    • Light Exoskeleton: Allow player to move faster, reduce oxygen consumption from running
    • External Carapace: Give increased protection from Tumblespikes and the Puffer Plants
    • Bio-Acid Neutralizer: Allow player to run indefinitely and reduces oxygen consumption
    • Iron Lung: Never suffer the effect of detoriated food, allow consumption of exotic consumable
    • Enhanced Vision: Allow player to see better in the dark, and during storm
    • Grass Hopper: Allow player to jump really High
    • more to come!
  • Sentry Post: Spawn a limited amount of drone that can be programmed to 
    1. Clean: Collect items scattered around it's post
    2. Collector: Take Item from player inventory to nearby storage
    3. Haul: Follow the player and bring items with it's 6-slot inventory
    4. Defend: Follow the player and Shocks wild creatures if it get too close to the player
    • Drone itself is also a tier-2 object
  • Docks: Build aquatic vehicles like boat, ship, submarines, and more


  • CATERPILLAR (level-1 climber)
    • 4 Slot, just like the rover
    • Connects to other vehicle
    • Move Very slow
    • Can climb on ceiling
  • SPIDER (level-2 climber)
    • Six Slot, enough for a driver seat and a storage
    • doesn't connect to other vehicle
    • Move half the speed of rover but traverse easily with it's mechanical legs
    • Good at moving trough rough terrains
    • Can climb on ceiling
  • EXOSUIT (level-1 mech)
    • 2 Slot, only when deployed
    • Can curl up into a tier-2 module
    • Can sprint fast but not as fast as the rover
    • High Power consumption
    • Useful for construction, base management during a storm
  • MECHA (level-2 mech)
    • 4 Slot
    • Moves really slow
    • Placed turret allow manual targeting
    • Allow one-manned functuion of crane and vehicle control
    • High Power consumption
  • VTOL
    • No Slot
    • doesn't connect to other vehicle
    • Travel Really fast
    • In-Planet flight, (cannot fly to other planet)
    • Consumes Hydrazine to move


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On this post I'll categorize the modules by function


  • Fertilizer (Tier-1): Deployed like tethers, Help exterior crops grow faster, regrow grasses over time if planted on ground
  • Farming Plot (Tier-2): Suitable for Alien Crop, Deployed outside base, can be moved if there is no plant
  • Sprinkler (Tier-2): Waters nearby exterior plant, Allowing them to actually grow
  • Water Tower (Tier-2): Store high amount of water
  • Biodome (Tier-3) (Revision): Suitable for Earth Crop, Drain water from nearest water source
  • Water Tank (Tier-3): Stores massive amount 
  • Hydro Pump (Tier-3): Slow, but passive income of water, enough to fuel 1 biodome indefinitely, Must be built over bodies of water
  • Atmospheric Condenser (Tier-3): Only functional in certain Planet, Collect water like how the fuel condenser collect fuel
  • Kitchen (Tier-3): Combines two different harvested food into a meal


  • Robotic Factory: Fabricate Drones
  • Drone Post: Tier-2 module, that activates one drones, can be placed anywhere but require power connection for it to work
  • Drone Station: Tier-3 building drones are required to be imprinted in this place for it to function, allow 2 (4 if filled with post) active drone to work
  • DRONES: Drones in general is a Tier-2 entity therfore can be attached to a back of a vehicle, It has it's own power storage that can be recovered at their station, or using power cells
    • Sentry Drones: Fast drones that can notify guard drones and hidden resources and guard the player when set to follow, can be set to patrol the perimeter outside the base
    • Security Drones: Tough guard drone that harasses hostile entity and guard the player when set to follow, can be set to patrol the perimeter outside the base
    • Miner Drone: Mines resources and haul the result to storage, silo, sorter, or whatever the player told it to go
    • Repair Drone: Seeks out damaged object and weld it, will sometimes look for flown away part if noted by sentry
    • Pack Mule: Slow but has a slot for one Tier-2 Object, meant to follow the player in cavern to haul materials and research object, Doesn't Carry other drone


  • Sail: Movement is modified to wind, strong wind means fast movement, breezy wind means slow movement
  • Boat Propeller: Placed in the back of the boat, Prevent connecting trough behind, consumes power for speed
  • Steam Engine: Drain coal as a mean for movement, thus freeing back side of the boat, Can only built on flagship
  • Crew Quarter: Houses 3 Player, used for traveling in a big boat with friends
  • Boat Wheel: 1 Seated driving for the player, meant to fit in the boat there, but the player can still use the original seat
  • Boat Horn: Scares away nautical creatures, also makes a loud sound
  • Fan: Used for hovercraft's movement, consumes medium amount of power
  • Net: Used for large scale fishing or hauling aquatic object
  • Landing Pad: Used for landing of spacecraft or jets, has a hydrazine tank of it's own that automatically refuels the spacecraft


  • Boat
    • 4 Slot (rover)
    • Can be connected
    • Can only use Sail
  • Cargo Barge
    • 8 Slot (truck)
    • Can be connected
    • Can use Sail and Propeller
    • Has Internal item storage
  • Flagship
    • 16 Slot
    • Can be connected
    • Can use any Sail, Propeller, and Engine
    • Can have 2 Tier-3 module built on here
  • Hovercraft
    • 6 Slot
    • Can be connected
    • Can Only use Fan to move
  • Submarine
    • Also a Tier-2 Module
    • 2 Slot
    • Can utilize some crane tools
    • Moves freely and slowly underwater
    • Use this to explore the underwater, aquatic cavern, and recover underwater research items


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I've marginally enjoyed your suggestions here. They're all moderately creative.

Give yourself a somewhat-joyful pat on the back - nothing too exultent, though.

Your suggestions regarding farming and food-production are superb. I've wanted a similar feature added to Astroneer in the past.


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Adding Player Upgrade features.

PASSIVE UPGRADES (Fully replace the bio-enchancer from a few post above)

  • Backpack Slot, Each Modification changes the slot size from 2x4, 2x5, 3x4, lastly 3x5 (Final upgrade always add 3 slot instead of 2)
    • Carbon-Weaved Backpack: Upgrades the player backpack to fit in more stuff giving two additional slot 
    • Aluminum Structure: Lighten the structure of the backpack, allowing 2 more item to be stored
    • Miniature Condenser: Increase and reduce weight of the backpack when required, add 2 more slots
  • Widget Slot, It's the part of the backpack that activate most tier-1 power item like small solar panel, or the wind vane
    • Hypercooled Motherboard: Gives 1 more widget slot to the backpack
    • Advanced Wiring: Gives 1 more widget slot to the backpack
  • Jetpack, Unlocks after second backpack upgrades, Activates when the player press jump mid-air, stores 4 unit of hydrazine and consumes 1 unit for every 10 second of flight
    • Titanium Alloy Tank: Increase fuel capacity by 2 unit
    • Liquid Compartment: Increase fuel capacity by 2 unit again
    • Advanced Thruster: Increase fuel life by 5 second
    • Biofuel processor: Allow the intake of organic material as fuel
  • Power, backpack by default store 10 unit of power or 2.5 bar
    • Lithium-ion Battery: Increase power capacity by 1 bar
    • Copper Alloy casing: Increase power capacity by 1 bar
    • Power Alternator: Cause jetpack to generate additional 0.5 unit/sec when active
    • Kinetic Servo: Running increases oxygen generation by 0.5 unit/sec
  • Oxygen, backpack by default store 70 second of oxygen (running still consume more oxygen)
    • Rebreather: Allow exploring deeper part of the ocean
      • Depth compressor: Allow an even deeper exploring within the ocean
    • Stamina Rejuvenator: reduce additional oxygen consumption when running
      • Acidic influx neutralizer: Further reduce oxygen consumption when running (both upgrade eliminate oxygen consumption)
  • Tools
    • Terrain Tool, already available from start
      • Mechanized Aperture, Allow focusing the size of the tool to an even smaller form
      • Improved Lens, Allow the tool to increase it's terraforming size
      • Rendering Memory, Allow changing the shape of the terrain tool into square, line, dome, and more
    • Grappling Hook, Point at click to deploy grapple that pull the astroneer to that specific point
    • Explosive Replicator: Gives player a free deployable dynamite every 180 second, Replicated dynamite cannot be moved outside the replicator's inventory and wont regenerate until the explosive is consumed
      • Advanced Printing: Increase the speed of which the explosive regenerate to 120 second
      • Replicator Memory: Increase the capacity of the explosive by 1
        • Miniaturization: Increase the capacity of the explosive by 1
        • Advanced Compartment: Increase the capacity of explosive by 1
        • Spare Replication: Increase the capacity of explosive by 1
      • Explosive Blueprints (found in place of the dead astroneer)
        • Grenade Blueprint: Allow the bomb to be thrown as a fused grenade
        • Bouncy Blueprint: Allow thrown bomb to bounce a even more before exploding
        • Rocket Propelled Blueprint: Allow bomb to be launched in a straight line
        • Homing Blueprint: Allow launched or thrown bomb to follow any nearby hostiles
        • Glass Bomb Blueprint: Allow thrown bomb to explode upon contact with anything
        • Sticky Bomb: Allow thrown bomb to stick to a surface or creature
        • Minefield Blueprint: Allow bombs to explode when within proximity of a hostile
        • Cluster Bomb Blueprint: Allow the explosive to release smaller explosive that explode upon contact
        • Acid-Gas Blueprint: Turn explosive to a lingering gas, that kill creatures 
        • Noisemaker Blueprint: Turn the explosive into a distracting tool
        • EMP Blueprint: Allow non-lethal explosion that destroy droids
        • Flashbang Blueprint: Disorient and Knocks down creatures
        • Net Blueprint: Turn the explosive into a net used to stop creatures in place
        • Sticky Gel Blueprint: Turn thrown explosive to gellated trap that slows down approaching creatures
        • Sleeping-Gas Blueprint: Turn Explosive into a lingering gas, that send creature to sleep
        • Stasis Blueprint: Turn explosive to release field of stasis that suspends small creature's movement
    • Weaponry * I know the temprament of this forum when it comes to adding a weapon, but since the devs plan to add hostiles into the game, weapons will be added eventually
      • Plasma Handgun, Unlocked by default
      • Plasma Assault Rifle
      • Plasma Shotgun
      • Plasma Sniper Rifle
      • Plasma Cannon
      • Flamethrower, Use hydrazine as rounds
      • Stasis Rounds: Alternate weapon-fire deploys stasis field that suspend small hostile (like in subnautica)
      • Cattle Prod: Non-Lethally knock down creatures from close range
    • Hacking Interface: Allow opening "Known" research object without using the research module, empties all power after activation
  • Astronaut Suit, Modifies mostly protection
    • Titanium Plate Armor: Give astronaut better chances to survive a sandstorm debris impact
      • Impact Helmet: Reduce debris damage even further
      • Rapid Bone Calcifier: Reduce debris damage even further (also reduce falling damages)
    • Acid-Gas Filter: Increase resistance to acid gas spewed by the poison pot plant
    • Nanoweaved Suit: Increase resistance to spiker plant and arid planet's tumblespikes
    • Freefall boots: Reduce falling impact damage
    • Healing salve auto-injector: Increase vitality regeneration after taking damage
    • Deployable Fin: Increase swimming speed
    • Water Jets: Allow jetpack to be used underwater to give surge of speed


*Amount of power is separated by Units, and each 4 units fill into "bars", The backpack by default stores 10 units or 2,5 bars

*Greyed text, represent already added features

  • Batteries
    • T-1 Small Battery, capacity of 2 bars, 8 unit
    • T-2 Battery, capacity of 16 bars, 64 unit
    • T-3 Transformer, capacity of 128 bars, 512 unit
  • Solar (depend on solar radiation)
    • T-1 Small Solar Panel 0.5 unit/sec
    • T-2 Solar Panel 2 unit/sec
      • Solar Array wreck 4 unit/sec
    • T-3 Solar Array 8 unit/sec
  • Wind (depend on strong wind)
    • T-1 Wind Vane 0.5 unit/sec
    • T-2 Wind Turbine 1 unit/sec
    • T-3 Giant Windmill 4 unit/sec
  • Generator
    • T-1 Small Generator, Organic resource >  1 unit/sec for 40 unit total
    • T-2 Generator, Coal >  2 unit/sec for 200 unit total
    • T-2 Liquid Fuel Generator, Oil > 2 unit/sec for 200 unit total / Hydrazine 2 unit/sec for 100 unit total
    • T-3 Nuclear Reactor, Enriched uranium > 4 unit/sec for 4000 unit total / Plutonium rod 4 unit/sec for 12000 unit total
      • Enriched uranium and Plutonium rod is a Tier-2 resource made from using two of each of the items
        • Uranium is found planets other than terran,
        • Plutonium is exclusive for dwarf planets
  • Aquatic (depend on strong current)
    • T-1 Current Generator, provide power when underwater 0.5 unit/sec
    • T-2 Hydroelectric Generator 3 unit/sec
    • T-3 Hydroelectric Dam 12 unit/sec
  • Geothermal
    • T-2 Steam Vents Generator 4 unit/sec (placed on steam vents, connects to tether)
    • T-3 Geothermal Generator 12 unit/sec
  • Other
    • T-3 Waste-Generator, Throw in anything and It will generate some power, Tier-1 > 1 unit/sec 80 unit total / Tier-2 > 2 unit/sec 400 unit total
    • T-3 Gas-Rig, Exclusive for Gas Giant 16 unit/sec
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Another big suggestion


  • This tier-3 module will be the heart of the base, and Once built the player has access to advanced Information, displayed in an Interface
    • Collected Data Log: List out narrative element found, Dead astronaut logs, Radar Warning, Anomalies
    • Research Progress: Shows researched and (hidden) un-researched objects sorted in tabs
    • Resource Log: List out know resources and which planet it is found on, and their trade value
    • Bestiary: Shows data collected from flora and faunas of astroneer
    • Stockpile: Shows total amount of resource stored in the base and vehicle

RESEARCH (Focused)

  • All Research object should be marked as "Known" as a way to tell that this specific item has been researched. Known research object will be able to be researched using a Hacking tool
    • Hacking tool: Empties all of suit's power upon use, Opens "known" research object
  • Loot Rate (Failed research usually gives items that is hidden inside any of these modules)
    • Fruit: Gives mostly Resin, Organics, Compound (rare chance to give common mineral Such as Copper and Aluminum)
    • Root: Gives out Common resources (rare chance to give it's respective seeds)
    • Cube/Mineral: Gives out common resources (rare chance for rare resource such as Lithium and Titanium)
    • Space Wreck: Gives our Fabricated stuff like Oxygen Tank and Power Cell (rare chance for rare and processed resource)

Alternative Methods of Researches

  1. Classic 50/50 Discovery chances
    • First time researching an artifact guarantee 100% chance to Unlock new tech
    • Subsequent researches on the same object has reduced chance to unlock new tech
    • This is the current research method used in game
  2. Tech Trees
    • The player may chose which item to research next in an interface
    • There are random chance for artifact to give no loot but lots of research point, or for it to give a loot and a small amount research points
    • Completing the research progress unlock the desired tech
  3. Science Points
    • There is an additional building called RnD
    • Each artifact can only be researched several time before it can only give little amount or points
    • Science point can be spent to unlock modules and tech within the technology trees



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Storage Modules

  • Empty Module (Tier-3): Just an empty building, this one allow placing 6 tier-2 module for storage or utility purposes
  • Barrel (Tier-2): Stores 16 item of the same type, a projected label appear on four of it sides, Barrel can be stacked twice, but it must be separated in order to access it's content
  • Silo (Tier-3) (Revision): Stores 64 tier-1 item of same type or 8 tier-2 item of same type
  • Warehouse (Tier-3): Wide and Sizeable storage for storing many different items, allow storage for 32 Items

Ground Vehicle Modification

  • Giant Drill: A conical shaped drill that blocks out the front of the vehicle, It's size adjust to the tier of the vehicle and allow continious frontal drilling when active
  • Rockbreaker: Placed on the front of the vehicle, will destroy or push away any boulder blocking the path of the vehicle
  • Vacuum: Can be put in front and be used as crane tools, Sucks up frontal terrain object like grasses and cubic rocks, Release organic material from appropriate resource
  • Floodlight: A giant flashlight that points the mouse when the player is in the vehicle
  • Claw: A crane tool that grabs item in it's hand and can place it elsewhere or into the vehicle's storage

Plants, Seeds, Saplings

  • Terran Vegetables: Plantable only biodome, provide food but biodome cosumes many resources such as Water, Oxygen, and Fertilizer
  • Alien Vegetable: Plantable outside or on a plot, Provide food when watered
  • Sapling: Tier-2 seed that grows into tree then grows exactly one research Fruit when deployed, refuse to grow if too close to another tree.
  • Alien Plant: greyed one represent already existent plants, A growing plot is required for them to generate researchable root
    • Poison Pot: Grown plant won't attack player, Provide it's acidic gland when harvested, Defend base from hostiles
    • Spiker: Grown plant is less lethal to player, It's spine can be fashioned into a javelin for hunting, Defend base from hostiles
    • Lure Plant: Attract creatures, Will attempt to swallow smaller creature and generate organic material
    • Exploder: Explode in proximity, Releases spores when matured that can then be harvested for power
    • Oxybubble: Generate oxygen in 20 feet radius, Release spored when matured that can be harvested for oxygen
    • Tumblecorn: Throws tumblespikes at enemies, takes long winding for it to generate the tumblespike
    • Solar Lily: Generate power when exposed to sunlight, once ready it will release a power in a form of giant seed that can be refined into resource
    • Venus Bear-Trap: Matured fruits can be picked and placed like a landmine, Immobilize creatures it hits
    • Gunflower: Matured plant can be harvested for sulphur, sulphur can then be processed by steps into explosive
    • Dragon fruit: Literally Spits fire at close creature, setting them on fire, Will attempt to attack the player in get too close
    • Haywire: Crop plants: Spread in a large radius from where the seed was planted, Harvested for it's organic matter
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  • 10 months later...

I would love if just shuttles could autopilot. I have this on another suggestion I posted, but would love a way to go to my dead body when I have ventured too far exploring or mining, or in the recent case: I just stepped out of a vehicle and was trying to jump into the crane's seat and a tumblespike hit me. So, I was really hoping to shuttle out to the dead body to retrieve the vehicle and body, place a beacon, then walk back with a load of oxygen to get the shuttle.

So, in that case, it would be nice to shuttle out, pick up the vehicle, drive back to base, and then summon the shuttle to have it autopilot back to base.

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maybe we could also get a module that can be used to move the larger modules that were misplaced on rovers. like if you accidentally built a crane on a medium rover when you meant for it to be on a large rover, instead of it being stuck there, you can build a module that lets you move it.

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