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On 12/30/2016 at 10:42 PM, Pocobeastu said:

Here is a list of suggestions that me and my friends have created after 3 days of gameplay:

  • Space stations that are expandable and customizable (these would ideally show up as landing zones when orbiting a planet and could serve as bases)
  • Mobs o
  • r creatures (both neutral and hostile) that are planet specific
  • Craftable and upgradeable weapons that operate on suit power - these could include a pistol, rifle, rocket launcher, etc.
  • Expandable inventory space via upgradeable backpacks
  • Upgradeable mining tool that harvests resources in greater amounts
  • More vehicle options like airplanes and smaller personal vehicles
  • Jet pack or similar personal flying gadget
  • Dynamic weather effects (i.e. "Arid" requires heat protective suit and buildings and "Radiation" requires radiation protection)
  • Gas masks that reduce damage from gas plants
  • Health bar to display remaining health (with health upgrades to expand it)
  • Energy upgrades to increase personal ene
  • rgy
  • More planets with varying environments (i.e. lava planet, oceanic planet, heavily-forested planet)
  • NPCs - these would be rare and appear in villages or small towns
  • Expanded base customization with craftable structures like walls, doorways, arches, windows, lights, roofing, foundations, furniture, stairs, ladders
  • Craftable roads to provide stable paths for rovers and trucks
  • Landing pads that can be built and used with shuttles and spaceships as custom landing zones
  • More flora for planets such as different types of trees, shrubs, thorns that damage the player, mushrooms, ferns, etc.
  • More weather than just the sandstorms - these events could be planet specific and include acid rain, earthquakes, fire storms, or blizzards
  • Craftable clocks or watches that indicate relative time of day

Yes please, these are all really good ideas and i just want to add to them. 

More resources, and could even possibly be Planet specific. (I really like the idea of many more planets, but to have more planets we need more resources and reason to go to them other than the cosmetic venture)

Please Please Please structures for building walls and base/fort. (Which would be very handy if added with mobs)

Since we have to have oxygen all the time it wouldn't hurt to also have to eat or drink water. Which could add to more base nodes. i.e Water purification and cooking/packing station for rations. And having the larger upgradeable packs could help in this area as you would need more space to carry water or food. Maybe even adding an upgradeable 0,2 tank to hold more oxygen for longer trips. Only 1 minute of oxygen really doesn't give us enough time to do much exploring.

Larger Planets. I find myself driving not too far in one direction and my home or vehicle nodes are no longer in sight and without a map i have lost several vehicles due to not having and sense of direction in game.

With NPC's could come quests and some sort of story? or Unlockables by doing favors for the Indigenous? 

I know it is still fresh and seems like it has a ton of potential. The game that is. I am glad i can be part of the starting community and am very excited to see where this game goes in the future. Would even like to see larger servers with many people working together to build if enough content and planets are added.

Keep up the good work guys i love it!

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